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ARTICLE: A Master Index for the J&B RR

Sometimes it seems as if my old build logs get lost over time. While it would be great to have a master index here, I thought I’d start by providing links to some of my old build logs and other threads.

Not sure if there’s a LOT of use here, but at least it will help me find my old logs in the future.

It’s organized into sections:

  • Construction
  • Rolling Stock
  • Locomotives
  • Structures
  • Vehicles
  • Switch Stands
  • Bridges and Trestles
  • Articles on LSC
  • Operations Sessions
  • Events

(Each Section is only indicated by large type. As far as I know there’s no way to link to them - you’ll just have to scroll. :grin: Or, use the find function in your browser!)

J&B RR Construction Log

J&B RR Construction Log, started in 2006 as a complete rebuild from my original layout. It is designed for operations and this log documents my construction.

Redesign for Operations - March 2006 and I wanted a new layout designed for operations. This post details a lot of my thoughts.

J&B RR Home Page

Rolling Stock

Bobber Caboose, from 2005.

Wood Sheathed Steel Framed Boxcar:

Another wood sheathed steel frame boxcar, 2006.

Gramps Kit, 2006.

A Scale Speed and Distance Car, 2007.

EBT Boxcar build-a-long thread, 2007.

Composite Boxcar, 2007.

Logging Caboose, 2008.

Making logs removable,, 2008.

POC Reefer, 2008.

Drop Bottom Gondola, 2008.

Modeling an acrylic and wood boxcar, 2009.

Ventilated Boxcar, 2009.

Another Ventilated Boxcar, 2010.

Narrow Gauge BS, 2010.

Foreign Road cars arrive at the J&B, 2010.

Long Caboose, 2010.

ET&WNC Hopper,, 2011.

Narrow Gauge ET&WNC style Coach Project, 2013.

A Port Lavender Reefer, 2014.

Nashoba Valley Transportation Company Boxcar, 2015.

An “Operations-Quality” Boxcar, 2017.

Building an LSC 17th Anniversary Boxcar, 2017.

A Coach for Bob, 2018.


A 1:20 Ten Wheeler, from 2005.

Bruce’s Boxcab, 2006.

Another Try at a Light Inspection Car, 2007.

Jackson & Burke - new motorcar, 2007.

The Return of the Ten Wheeler A rebuild after a crash in 2009.

Building a 1:20 Mikado, 2009

Stainz + Stainz = Fairlie, 2012

My visiting locomotive, May 2012.

A Brass Critter, 2013.

The Boxcab Project, 2019.


Gas Station Rebuilt in 2012. My first large scale scratch building project, built in 2002.

Building a stone mill, July 2004. It has been renamed to Smith Pond Mill. An article describing it’s construction was published in 2005 by Der Gartenbahn profi, a German magazine.

Matheson Textiles a Building Adventure. Built from acrylic in 2007.

Water Column Modification Modifying an O Scale column: 2007

The Bank 2008. Foamed PVC and cake decorating columns.

Salmons Produce, 2008.

McCown Freight, 2008.

Yard Office, 2008. Using Magic-Sculpt for the brick.

Goodson and Golding Buildings, 2008.

Mills Fuel, 2010.

Buchanan Tool & Die 2010

C.M. Oates Company 2011.

Corner Office, 2012.

5 and 10 Cent Store, 2011.

Dead Rooster Gulch, 2012.

Bucket Coaling Station - made from cedar in 2012.

The Rosseau Hotel, 2012.

Sludge Works, October 2013.

3 Shops, June 2014.

Groceries, November 2014.

Chandler Furniture, July 2015.

A building in the Nashoba Valley, October 2015.

Firehouse, November 2016.

Brunt Interchange, March 2017.


Fire Truck, February 2015.

Switch Stands

Switch Stands June 2007 (At least that was the date it was published in Garden Railways)

Bridges and Trestles

The Jackson & Burke RR gets a turntable, 2006.

A Viaduct for the Jackson & Burke RR, 2018.

Articles on LSC

Making an End of Track Bumper, January 2008

Building a PNG Reefer Kit, February 2008


Building a Composite Box car, January 2009

Making Strap Steps, February 2009

Making an Acrylic-Wood Boxcar, November 2009

Making your own windows, January 2011.

Scratch Building Using Plans, May 2013

Flanger Card, June 2013

Operations Sessions

Designing for Operations - Need Help! A discussion of my old design into a design for operations.

A Design for Operations - a discussion of how my current design was set up for operations.

July 23, 2008: Train #2 out of Green Springs (Lots of pictures)

August 8, 2008: Bart takes Train #2 - Bart Salmons

September 2, 2008 and September 16: More operations on the J&B - Mike Oates

September 30, 2008: Operations on the J&B RR - Now with TrainOps! - Mike Oates

August 14, 2009: Operations on the J&B - Ken Brunt

October 7, 2009: Switching Occoquan - Mike Oates

October 20, 2009: Switching Jackson - Ken Brunt

June 26, 2013: Operations on the J&B - Ken Brunt

September 4, 2013: Operations on the J&B - Ken Brunt

November 16, 2013: Operations on the J&B: November 2013 - Ken Brunt

Sepember 24, 2014: Fall Operations on the J&B - Ken Brunt

October 25, 2014: Two bit yard operations. - A switching “puzzle”.

September 23, 2015: First Day of Fall on the J&B - Ken Brunt

May 13, 2015: Rainy Day operations on the J&B - Ken Brunt, Vinny D’Agostino, Jim Kottkamp

May 19, 2015: Switching Puzzle: Train#2 at Jackson

June 26, 2019: It’s been awhile…


American Invasion
More 2009

BlueStone Southern Ops

Our visits


Our visits


July 2019

Drag & Brag at the ECLTS 2015


What a wonderful “opus” of craftsmanship, Bruce.
Thanks for posting this for all our reference.

Thanks, and you are very welcome.

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