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Recent Topics

  • by Kevin Strong 12 minutes ago
    Greg, the graphics on the car data in the model you show state "6FT   1IN". There are no spaces between the number and the ...  more
  • by Bill Sakalaucks 32 minutes ago
    That’s great!!
  • by David Bodnar 1 hour ago
    Thanks for attending, Cliff - it was good seeing you and speaking.... hope we can do it again next year
  • by Cliff Jennings 2 hours ago
    Here's my version of Pete, not sure why...
  • by David Maynard 2 hours ago
    Greg Elmassian said:
    What loco is it? A geep?
    I believe it was a large bodied 0-4-0
  • by David Maynard 2 hours ago
    Dan Gilchrist said:
    Every day we get closer to being able to print high quality models at home using 3d print technologies. ...  more
  • by David Maynard 3 hours ago
    I have one AML boxcar, and it is nicer then any of the Aristo boxcars I have. I would like to see that line continue, even if it...  more
  • by Pete Thornton 4 hours ago
    Carsten's book "Slim Gauge Cars" has a multi-page colored spread of plans for one of the 2 rotaries.
  • by Pete Thornton 4 hours ago
    looks like the Norfolk Southern lettering is painted on.
    Most of the lettering on our trains is applied by paint pads and it is ...  more
  • by David Palmeter 5 hours ago
    Any help you can share would be appreciated, thanks!
  • by Dan Gilchrist 8 hours ago
    Those are sweeeet!
  • by John Cushman 10 hours ago
    I like that idea Greg. Unfortunately all my boxes are already at the stage seen. I do have a rubber o-ring between the connector...  more
  • by Greg Elmassian Mon at 10:54 PM
    It's too simple for my site Rooster, you keep it.
  • by " Rooster " Mon at 8:24 PM
    David Maynard said:
    if anyone had warrants out on them they are still safe.
    Pheew, thank goodness! And since, for some reason, I...  more
  • by Shane Stewart Mon at 5:56 PM comment.
  • by Greg Elmassian Mon at 4:34 PM
    Yes, I remember a certain contingent here burning or shooting or discarding LGB boxes!
    I threw out all my boxes for rolli...  more
  • by Sean McGillicuddy Mon at 3:46 PM
    You're having way too much fun .... Great clip !
  • by Jerry Barnes Mon at 12:10 PM
    Wow, such great work David. I used to have your energy, my projects sure drag anymore. Keep up the good posts and thanks!
  • by John Bouck Mon at 10:56 AM
    It's time for retirement, Ray!
    I enjoy looking for what few old mining structures remain up in Northern Idaho, But Cal, Nev and ...  more
  • by Sean McGillicuddy Mon at 10:56 AM
    Nope ...   Santa Fe .. Great deal ... looks too nice to rename and ( a fallen flag {Ray } ... I want hi...  more
  • by Ken Brunt Mon at 8:48 AM
    Glad you guys made it home OK. Would have been nice to have had some decent weather, but we enjoyed your visit just the same. 
  • by Sean McGillicuddy Mon at 7:38 AM
     Hmmm I wonder if this will have some new stuff soon ...
  • by Eric Mueller Mon at 3:09 AM
    Started in on the project yesterday.   I used a Dremel with a pointed grinding tip to make the hole for the ...  more
  • by Bruce D. Chandler March 24
    Gregory Hile said:
    There was talk awhile back about a group taking the Coast Starlight up, Anyone still up for that?
    Brave folks...  more
  • by Bruce D. Chandler March 24
    Ken Brunt said:
    Steve Featherkile said:
    Rats, I can't make it, again.  
    And what the hell is your excuse this time?......  more
  • by Jon Radder March 24
    Even with the white metal issues, these are nice cars. When I saw RLD had a great $65 price on them at ECLSTS I picked up anothe...  more
  • by Rex Ammerman March 23
    I have a USA 5344 Hudson I  mite sell. I have 3 USA Hudson's and love them !Its set up for track or battery and has a Revol...  more
  • by Greg Elmassian March 23
    I read this: "The Digitax prompts aren't as good as menus, but it does give me the choice of 2 or 4 digit addressing."
    as a comp...  more
  • by Bob Cope March 23
    David, where are you trying to link pictures from? I do hope they are not on your local computer.
  • by Bill Sakalaucks March 23
    Thanks, Pete. The mobile version of these forums mess with picture uploads