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Recent Topics

  • by Devon Sinsley 12 minutes ago
    John Wilda said: I found this article a while back and found it very ...  more
  • by Sean McGillicuddy 39 minutes ago
    Check out Gramps
    He might have some idea's ..
  • by Andy Clarke 40 minutes ago
    First session is over...  Was a wonderful weekend...  Had about 24 folks..
    Weather for the most part cooperated...  more
  • by Andy Clarke 43 minutes ago
    Matt, Thanks for posting..
    Ken, actually Jane was the engineer of the coal train..
  • by Narrow Gauge Lover 45 minutes ago
  • by Sean McGillicuddy 1 hour ago
    Looks just right for the lettering...
  • by Sean McGillicuddy 2 hours ago
    I do love the BOX woods.....
  • by David Maynard 4 hours ago
    But now you know how to tame the beast. The hard part is over.
  • by David Maynard 4 hours ago
    I never understood the perverse thrill punks get from destroying other peoples' stuff.
  • by Ken Brunt 5 hours ago
    At least I had a breeze. Getting the irrigation back working again. 
  • by Devon Sinsley 9 hours ago
    I'm trying Joe.
    I made a dripper for one of my wife's birdbaths and installed a faucet in one of her fountains, did some ...  more
  • by Bill Sakalaucks 11 hours ago
    Brought home some more of my old equipment. And now that I have all the track home from my school’s train club, I can run ...  more
  • by Pete Lassen May 19
    But if you don’t fill in the xx’s with 2019, there will be noting to worry about and nothing to water as they will a...  more
  • by " Rooster " May 19
    John Passaro said:
         I think the impression of size
  • by Devon Sinsley May 19
    Looks like a nice start to a fun layout. And yeah fill and refill. I am on the second year of mine and need to do a bunch of ref...  more
  • by Bob Cope May 19
    Any chance you know of someone with another of Rodney's gearboxes?I'm afraid to run my Bachmann K without one...  more
  • by Cliff Jennings May 19
    Just heard back from Portlines, they don't have any code 172. But that's ok, 215 will sure look small! And with the odd display ...  more
  • by Ray Dunakin May 19
    Awesome! Congrats on the good news, and best wishes for continued improvement.
  • by K Short May 18
    Thomas White said:
    Folks - has a foam unit for sale about $22 for large scale which are made in Germany. ...  more
  • by Rick Marty May 18
    A little information on 1 to 1 bridge ties.
  • by Mickey Kelley May 17
    Even better steam effects.  About mid way thru around 3 min.
    Sorry I can seem to ...  more
  • by Peter Lucas May 17
    The auctioneer said that, if it is not sold as one lot, then they will sell everything as separate lots. I assume that would not...  more
  • by Noel Wilson May 17
    Nice looking paint job, Jerry.  Any videos made yet?? 
  • by Dan Pierce May 17
    LENZ made the first batch of 55020 decoders and they had the LENZ logo etched on the board.  These decoders were very limit...  more
  • by Jason V. May 16
    Look at the Rio grand yellow paint nomad/red topic to.
  • by Jason V. May 16
    Poly Scale D&RGW Yellow # 414257 is the closest I found at my LHS. The dome‘s are painted In the Poly Scale D&RGW yel...  more
  • by Aaron Loyet May 16
    Ric Golding said:
    I see Aaron post a question like this and I wonder what's going on in his head.  I bet it turns out good,...  more