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  • by Rocky Canyonero 1 minute ago
    Thanks Todd.  I'm definitely glad I stayed with largescale.  I ended up retaining almost everything I had planned to s...  more
  • by Bruce D. Chandler 19 minutes ago
    Pete Thornton said:
    I bumped in to this video and thought it worth sharing.  B&W with sound - awesome shots of a freigh...  more
  • by Lou Luczu 35 minutes ago
    Welcome, Bill.
    We all started somewhere.
  • by Paul Burch 38 minutes ago
    I'm in the process of converting a Aristo GP40 to RC and battery. Part of that is changing the classification lights to white le...  more
  • by Devon Sinsley 40 minutes ago
    Korm Kormsen said:
    Sean McGillicuddy said:
    Is there a prize list ?...  more
  • by Jon Radder 49 minutes ago
    Joe Zullo said:
    Can you put a shanty over them at their location?
    Not really enough room for much in the way of structures here....  more
  • by David Marconi,FOGCH 3 hours ago
    I'm impressed with the built in snow shield these Cibola folk have
  • by Ric Golding 3 hours ago
    Where is that picture taken in relationship to the location of your house?  Great history stuff!!!!!!
  • by Ross Mansell 7 hours ago
    First        Rick's Crane
    Second   Todd's "Doodlebug"
    Third       Jim's store
  • by Bill Sakalaucks 10 hours ago
    Could be the one guy I found listing USATrains and Aristo at 4-5 times Retail value. A USA trains Soo Line steel caboose for $40...  more
  • by Jim Rowson 11 hours ago
    Very nice Dennis. You always do such a great job of realistic little details and natural looking variation. Inspiring!
  • by Jon Radder 11 hours ago
    So far mine are doing OK. I've been working in the basement almost every evening since Christmas so they get some heat and water...  more
  • by Pete Lassen 11 hours ago
    Thanks Todd! I added the hardware cloth to the back side of the “windows” after I had glued the plastic glass , I ne...  more
  • by Mark Hadler Tue at 9:41 PM
    I've used decrapifier with reasonable success.  It's not perfect (works best on a brand new PC) but not too bad if you don'...  more
  • by " Rooster " Tue at 8:20 PM
  • by " Rooster " Tue at 7:27 PM
    Welcome Palallin,
     Good luck with your venture!
  • by Joe Loll Tue at 7:19 PM
    Hello all,
    I am looking for a smallish steam lokie that will fit these parameters:
    - U.S. prototype (my preference is nar...  more
  • by Bill Barnwell Tue at 4:43 PM
    Just wondering if you have ever tried Kydex, the stuff I've used is black, sooth on 1 side and pebbly on the other, it's moldabl...  more
  • by Todd Haskins Tue at 3:45 PM
    Good job.  Your diner looks like one that could be spotted on street corners in many small cities.  The signs and coff...  more
  • by Craig Townsend Tue at 3:12 PM
    The only reason I don't spray direct  from the can is I don't think I get as even of coverage compared to the airbrush. I a...  more
  • by Dan Hilyer Tue at 3:05 PM
    Sean McGillicuddy said:
    Hmm .. I would just stencil the name on ..  or hand paint it.
    Sean, I can assure you, you don&rsquo...  more
  • by Gary Armitstead Tue at 2:32 PM
    John Passaro said:
       Thanks, Gary. So the outdoor stuff is gone, sold before the sale of the property last March. I h...  more
  • by Greg Elmassian Tue at 10:44 AM
    So even if the locomotive is on fire, they can connect to facebook... just joking, I assume that the internal network is Etherne...  more
  • by Sean McGillicuddy Tue at 10:31 AM
    Ya cool red lantern tell ...
  • by Richard Mynderup Tue at 10:11 AM
    Thanks for the clarification Greg.  I must have misunderstood Hans at his open house.  
  • by Ric Golding Tue at 7:03 AM
    As always, Eric, great work!  Look forward to following your progress.
  • by Graeme Price Tue at 4:41 AM
    Greg Elmassian said:
    Unfortunately, the G scale used market is "paved" with things sold as new, or "test run only" that have mil...  more
  • by Ted Doskaris Mon at 11:34 PM
    Thank you Dennis,As can be seen, the coupled distances are more realistic and much improved compared to that of the factory, alb...  more
  • by Ken Brunt Mon at 5:49 PM
    Rick Marty said:
    Thanks guys,
    Ken, the track arrangement is mostly based on where I wanted to go and the limited ways to ...  more