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  • by Tony Walsham 4 hours ago
    I would not use the crappy stock Bachmann wiring to transmit the full load of the engine. They are simply not robust enou...  more
  • by Jim Rowson 4 hours ago
    I will admit that, until now, I have shown no ability to keep plants alive (I once killed a cactus by underwatering it, for exam...  more
  • by Steve Featherkile 6 hours ago
    MTO Batteries is the way to go.  Used by our special operators overseas.  You can get them from Don Sweet at RCS of Ne...  more
  • by Rick Marty 6 hours ago
    " Rooster " said:
    Rick Marty said:
    As for the model locomotives, I wouldn't want one but I know a lot of folks are interested in...  more
  • by Ted Doskaris 6 hours ago
    Rooster, your Amtrak rolling stock is excellent!In your video, onward from about  time stamp :027, Amtrak road railers are ...  more
  • by Devon Sinsley 7 hours ago
    As much as I love working with wood, I just like wood for what it is. I am fascinated by wood, with its different grain, color, ...  more
  • by Jason V. 7 hours ago
     Item 202781193238
  • by Andy Clarke 8 hours ago
    " Rooster " said:
    Andy Clarke said:
      All couplers here are Kadee and at kadee height gauge..
     ...  more
  • by Joe Loll 9 hours ago
    Email sent.
  • by Thomas White 10 hours ago
    Held an Iron Spike Ceremony at the last track section installed today completing the 300 ...  more
  • by Greg Elmassian Tue at 11:25 AM
    Joe, there were detailed pictures on .... this locomotive is not designed to pull heavy loads... motor, axle b...  more
  • by Bill Barnwell Tue at 10:30 AM
    Mark if you think of something about this please let me know, I found a flathead ford engine one eBay that looks pretty cool, Bill
  • by Pete Thornton Tue at 9:38 AM
    Sent you a PM.  Later RJD
    Sent you a PM also.
  • by Eric Mueller Mon at 8:52 PM
    Thanks to all!  Looks like we shall consign segments to storage tracks on our various shelves, investigate a possible aband...  more
  • by David Maynard Mon at 4:57 PM
    Easy to find, but still a bit spendy for me. Although the cost has come down some.
  • by Paul Burch Mon at 11:41 AM
    Check with RLD. He still shows them listed.
    Ro also has them listed.
    http://charlesro-com.3...  more
  • by Paul Burch Mon at 11:31 AM
    The building houses more than the railroad.  It is built on a slight slope so there is storage under it  for equipment...  more
  • by Michael Glavin Mon at 10:43 AM
    I have an orphaned "electric" AML USRA tender, don't recall much about it. I'll ping you via email. Give me a day or...  more
  • by Andy Clarke September 15
    Beautiful looking train...
  • by " Rooster " September 15
    Pete Lassen said:
    Ted, can I be your adopted kid
    Sorry,  I have first dibs Pete since Andy/dad recently renewed the restrai...  more
  • by Bill Barnwell September 15
       Not much done this weekend, dodging a tropical storm, which means bringing in plants, loose objects, and such, turn...  more
  • by Pete Thornton September 15
    Eric Mueller said:
    Here's hoping for success!  Selfishly, here's hoping that I can follow parts of your path to breat...  more
  • by Pete Lassen September 15
    So update time, I had some cooler weather so was out in the garage and came up with come more ideas and parts
    Cut and folded som...  more
  • by Narrow Gauge Lover September 15
    Ross Mansell said:
       Beeches photos
    Plenty info/photos ...  more
  • by " Rooster " September 14
    " Rooster " said:
    Steve said:
    I have a very dumb question...
     ...  more
  • by Martin Sant September 14
    I'm working on painting and retouching some Chessie, C&O and B&O stuff.  Some pictures and a list of the rattle can...  more
  • by Dan DeVoto September 14
    Looking good Jim, nice detailing.
  • by Ted Doskaris September 13
    Ken, so you can see what the U25B railings (both side types and end types) look like, there is a loco on ebay the shows them in ...  more
  • by Noel Wilson September 12
    Fred Mills. said:
    BTW, Noel;
        It is not my "Invasion", it is "The Invasion of Friends", and is part of the OVGRS y...  more
  • by Bill Barnwell September 12
    Just built without it and only used the 2 I had on each side and it came out fine, Thanks, Bill