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New Site Software (No longer a Sneak Peek)

yes, it definitely is.
i found threads, i had completely forgotten about.

This really IS cool. Summary of all activity is like a time machine (OK, I can NOT go into the future, but I can review the past. Pretty neat!)

And while this keyboard shortcuts IS accessible from your profile, I thought it might be nice to print out and keep by your side - so, here, you can have a copy. :grin:

We’re a week out and there have been no major issues, just a couple odd growing pains. Nothing has not worked as I expected it to, and members seem to like the software. Still working through a couple odd issues, recovering missing freight shed files, and the chat still loads strangely. I need to get a new local development environment to fix that, so that’s my next big push.

We have had the expected amount of new user signups, so that isnt a barrier to entry, though I dont think any new users since last weekend have posted anything.

Onward and upward!


@rmccown-admin We really appreciate all your hard work implementing this change with little to no impact other than some minor photo, video and emoticon issues. It’s great to see all the content has been preserved.

And speaking of videos. I know you mentioned that you would run a script to fix embedding issues at some point. I’m not in any hurry, but did notice a bad embed in one thread that I fixed myself. The question is, should we not fix them as they show up, or will the script just ignore good ones?

I’m not sure yet. I have set some features to allow the IFRAME embedding code to work for YouTube videos. The other [embed] or [video] tags, I’m not sure what to do about those yet. And the fact we have a ton of posts, it may not be feasible for me to automate an after-the-fact fix.

But yea, anything I write will ignore ones that are already ‘fixed’


Thanks Bob.

IGNORE THIS - I was using a bad URL in the second attempt. It’s working now.

Weird thing is, what worked to fix a Vimeo video yesterday, no longer works.

Yesterday I removed the Vimeo embed code and replaced it with a simple URL link to the video and it worked. Today I did the same in a different thread and I get an error message in the preview, and just a link in the post.

If you are interested the two posts are…

Yesterday: Conquering the 4% on the C.V.S.Ry.

Today: CVSRy. re-motors 45 Ton M-10 & M-11 with EMD prime movers

Hm, I see videos on both of them? :confused:

I figured it out after I posted. I was using a bad URL in the second attempt. Sorry!

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I’m not seeing videos on my topics, unless I go in and add them back. They appear to be gone. How do I get a raw HTML editor?

Here’s an example post that should have a video in it.

Ooo . . I just found the ‘flag’ option and marked one as SPAM. (There’s a flag in the stuff bottom right of your posts.)

I’ve run into a few oddities when reviewing older posts (Thanks to the Activity list).

One post referred to a video, but there wasn’t even a broken link. I just did an edit and inserted the correct URL to the video. Most others have the Vimeo tagline, but no broken link. Those are easy because the correct URL is in th Vimeo tagline - just copy & paste the URL and it’s fixed.

Most of my recent threads show the pictures, but I did find some older threads with broken external picture links. Odd part on the broken ones is the links are prefixed with dimensions and then have the link as http:\ which is wrong. Removing the size formatting, changing the type to https: and fixing the url to remove www. gets the pictures to show.

Thanks for the details, Jon! The only reason I gave Bob a pointer to that post is that he seems to have updated all old embed to be new style, but I’m not seeing that. I have no problem at all going back and redoing my videos, if that’s what is necessary. But figured Bob would appreciate the heads up.

Sounds like maybe some of the picture conversion logic is a bit touchy eh?

Bob, as usual, I offer my services but suspect it would take longer to get me set up than for you to fix the stuff you want to fix (or declare bankruptcy and let us fix it manually).

The more I look at older threads, the more I find with broken picture links. The latest I found didn’t have the extra www. but still had the formatting information which breaks the link. This is how I found the pictures listed…


Interestingly, other pictures in the same thread did move over properly. In the post that displays correctly, the pictures are listed…


Which appears to me that they were moved from my server to Bobs host.

Yea, I just built a local copy of the old LSC database and Im going to find that post and see what is in the body to see why it completely threw the code away…

While you are tracking stuff down, I just ran into the Consecutive Reply Limit on a thread. I have been posting my Servo Controlled Turnout progress in GAP’s thread: Servo controlled turnouts/points - #48 by JRad

Just went to post my latest progress and got told that I can’t reply to that thread until someone else does.

This limit makes sense and I don’t suggest you remove it. Could you, or someone post a quick reply so I can post my updates?

From any page, type ‘=’ (equal sign) and the menu appears. “Keyboard Shortcuts” button available in the lower right corner.


Number of posts a user has to make in a row in a topic before being prevented from adding another reply.

Currently set to 3. I guess that’s some kind of spam prevention.

Found this in the old forums and fixed the thread.

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I hate to nag. Here’s another one in the same topic.

I sure don’t want you to fix these one-by-one. I can do that. Is there some more general way to fix these? Anything I can do to help?

It looks like the only thing missing in the posts is the actual video. I haven’t come across a post where text is missing as well.

You should be able to just edit your post and insert the video url again. If you dont know the vide URL, I can find it in the old DB. I just looked, and there’s 7,824 posts with video links in them. :slight_smile: