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New Site Software (No longer a Sneak Peek)

It looks like we’re up and running. I want to thank @Jim_Rowson, @Ken_Brunt, @David_Marconi_FOGCH , and @Cliff_Jennings for helping me test things last night and this morning. Also thanks to @TheJoat Bruce Chandler for being my sounding board and early alpha-tester over the last two years as I evaluated packages.

Things look good, with a few known issues:

Videos did not embed correctly. I will write a sweeper to try to fix this.
HTTPS needs to be set up.
Article threads imported, but the article itself did not. I will fix.
Chat is currently limited to 5 people as we evaluate.

There are three other issues I need to fix on the back end, but those are the ones that may affect your experience on the new LSC.

Thanks again for your patience and support.


Atta boy BD!! Love the new look and feel, and new features.
:love_you_gesture: :vulcan_salute: :clap:

Fantastic update for the site. ease of use is a pleasure Thank You BD

Working well for me, was able to add to my CR30 thread with links and still photos, haven’t tried a video yet…

Very good job!

Looks good, Bob. Was able to get PW changed and logged in. Thanks for all your hard work.

btw: if you want to add a video, just paste the url to the youtube video (that’s the only one I’ve tried) and it embeds a player for it in the post.

like this: Railtruck final look - YouTube

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maybe it needs to be on its own line with no text in front of the link:

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I will be attempting to enable HTTPS on the site tonight, it will take the site down for about half an hour, so I will do that starting around 9pm tonight.

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fyi there’s a handy page you can get to by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner of the screen that shows you all your topics (the one’s you have created). there even seems to be a “download all” button but I haven’t dared to try that yet:


Looking good Bob! Thanks for all your hard work. Took me a few minutes to figure out I had to click on Forgot Password to get the reset prompts, but it’s all good now!

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I find no connection to the Freight Shed pictures, and all pictures in my thread about the Saw mill do not show, did all Freigt Shed pictures in the threads get trashed?

I am guessing here, Rick, but suspect that your freight shed pics use https in the url, and until Bob fixes that, the pictures are inaccessible using https but are ok using http.

Wait until tomorrow and look again is my advice.

As the say in the Hitchhikers Guide: Don’t Panic

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Thanks Jim,
No panic just didn’t want to miss the by-pass.

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HTTPS seems to be available now, and I get the lock icon.

OK, I see the issue with Rick Marty’s photos, he uploaded them after I did the photo backup. I will re-back up and get these in. Sometime tomorrow.

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thanks for all your hard work BD

Thanks Bob,
I guess I am just easily confused, those posts go back to april of last year, and no pictures.

Okay, the evidence suggests I made it here. :cat: