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New Site Software (No longer a Sneak Peek)

Looks good so far !!going take a little getting used to but so what . I’m here, y’all are here and I look forward to exploring the new way of doing things! Thanks BD. Must be a big sigh of relief to get this done and able to sit back and relax(haha)

Huzzah to Bob and the Team! Let’s see if I can break it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

same on the lock icon

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Thanks for the hard work Bob.

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Special thanks to Bob. I have NO idea how much work it entails, but keeping ALL of the posts is AWESOME. It’s fun to go back and look at some of the older posts… :rofl:


Thanks for all you’re doing this long weekend Bob, and best luck with the https switch and misc debugging.

And in case anyone doesn’t know yet, Bob made and supports this amazing site, yet doesn’t get paid a dime for any of it. He’s only partially reimbursed by our various donations, which we should all chip in on.


Ditto what Cliff said.

BD you have mentioned the freight sheds being around, is there a link yet? or will you post a link when/if they are available?

No. I am strictly making the files from the freight shed still available as to not break anything. There will be no direct access, file management, uploading, etc.

I can provide an archive of people’s Freight Shed contents if they so desire.

Thank you for the quick response

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I had to really work hard just to log in never mind what Bobs been doing …Thanks Bob …

I will working on the https and Freight Shed file issues today. You may experience intermittent site unavailability for the next few hours.


I have re-enabled several security, analytic and caching features which help me run the site. One of them is part of the HTTPS certificate process. This change may take up to 24 hours to finish configuring.

…work continues…


I have moved the Chatroom link to the header so it’s easier to find and use. People seem happy with the chat engine so I have sprung for the 50-seat chatroom and extended features.

after some problems, i made it.

do you still work on the pics in the older posts?

Yes, that’s still a work-in-progress. I have a backup I am working from.

If people could post a link to the threads that are missing photos that were in the Freight Shed, I would appreciate it.

I found one, probably a recent one from after you did the backup, so I just tried to copy the photo back in to the thread. It was in my Duckbill Roof thread.

First time the upload never completed though it said 100% from the start. Second time it worked.

This one never came back with the Freight Shed pictures…

10/28/21 Good to go now. Thanks Bob!