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New Site Software (No longer a Sneak Peek)

I have moved the Chatroom link to the header so it’s easier to find and use. People seem happy with the chat engine so I have sprung for the 50-seat chatroom and extended features.

after some problems, i made it.

do you still work on the pics in the older posts?

Yes, that’s still a work-in-progress. I have a backup I am working from.

If people could post a link to the threads that are missing photos that were in the Freight Shed, I would appreciate it.

I found one, probably a recent one from after you did the backup, so I just tried to copy the photo back in to the thread. It was in my Duckbill Roof thread.

First time the upload never completed though it said 100% from the start. Second time it worked.

This one never came back with the Freight Shed pictures…

10/28/21 Good to go now. Thanks Bob!

Curious…I can OPEN the pictures, but not view them in line: Building a 1:20 Mikado

Here are 2 of mine to start with.

Thanks for taking a look

I have added some more files to the freight shed ‘persistence’ data. The posts are currently ‘re-baking’ so it’ll take a while for things to show, but for me I see images in a lot of the posts here in Rick’s thread

Thanks Bob, those must have just popped up because I checked both threads just before I posted the above. Now if my other 27 build threads pop back that would be great :slightly_smiling_face:

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I also checked my previous posts and all of the photos are missing! Hope this is temporary :).

Just checked some old posts again and some of my threads are starting to show the photos I inserted originally.

It does look like two of my very recent posts (within the past month to 3 or 4 months ago) are actually missing altogether. One was on my Super Husky build and another is about my acquisition of a new Much-Cal #2 Shay steamer by Accucraft.

Just thought I would let you know, in case you “find” them again :).

no, i didn’t refer to freightshed pics.

i was sniffing around the place, where all my former threads are listed.
in the very old threads, that i opened, there were no pics visible, that were/are linked from my website.

Bob, Is it possible to get the pictures from the “old freight shed” reinstated?
Thanks for all your hard work.

So just to change the subject, it appears that Google hasn’t caught up yet?

I often find old threads using a site-specific search, like “ NewBright”. Google is OK, but I assume is probably still tracking the old pages:

as all I get when I click on a result is:

Yea, it will take google “a while” to find the new pages.

Found a neat feature, “Permalinks.” They redirect an url to another url, so the old LSC link

Now redirects to the new thread

Now to make a batch script to set them all.


Just posted for the first time on the new site, very impressive and easy to use and load pictures.

So are YOU (BD) absorbing the cost of picture storage now since there are NO more freightsheds?.

How much more should we give each year to HELP?

I actually don’t know my exact storage costs yet. Amazon is pretty cheap, my current estimated bill is 6c for October. As more content gets posted, that amount will go up. I wont have a good idea for a few months. But this version of the site is about 1/4 the cost of the previous version, its faster, easier to use, and very well supported.

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