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Storage costs for LSC

Continuing the discussion from New Site Software (No longer a Sneak Peek):

Bruce asked about storage costs. Here’s an image of my current Amazon bill for the last 5 days that LSC has been up and running. A bit hard to read, but you can see that we dont use a ton of space, or transfer, and even then, the costs are a penny, or fractional thereof per GB of data.


Should be a LOT more interesting after a month or two… :neutral_face:


While you yourself are not putting out a huge expense to host this site, your time is worth more than a penny. I was negligent about keeping up with my membership donation. And you are gracious to never ask. I say this only because I think it is important for those of us who really appreciate and use this sight as a main form of our entertainment, we need to hit that “Support LSC” button and show our financial appreciation, not just our verbal appreciation.

I for one want to see the sight keep going and you deserve some love for doing it.


Thanks Devon. I’ve always said that I will run the site as long as it pays for itself, and does not become an overdue burden. The software was past its end-of-life, plus this November would be the first time since 2005 that the site would NOT pay for itself, so I had to do something. Changing to a better-maintained package that has less server burden, and offloading a lot of the storage and networking to a service I can pay a little bit for, will help. The true cost will not be known until this time NEXT year so I can compare. But the services I use can scale up and down, so I can fine-tune costs as the year rolls by.

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Well I hope you will let us know if we are not keeping up the financial end. I for one will hit that button again and again to do my part.

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