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VOTE Here for your FAVORITE 2024 MIK BUILD

Voting for your Favorite

Mik’s Build Challenge 2024 build.

Voting for your favorite build from this years build challenge is simple.
Voting is open to any member in good standings on LSC.

**FIRST: Goto the thread [2023 MIK’s Build Challenge, Post your Photos HERE for Voting ]2024 Mik's Build Challenge, Post your Photos HERE for Voting
and look over all the great builds.

SECOND: Come back to this thread and post your votes:

If you choose to vote in private e-mail me at [email protected]

There is ONLY ONE thing to vote on, Your favorite!
For whatever the reason is doesn’t matter.
You set your own criteria.
Please list your choices for: 1st., 2nd., and 3rd.

PLEASE!!! NO TIE VOTES !! One choice for each place.

Voting will end at sunup ( really more like when I drag me lazy as$ out of bed) on

Monday the 26th of Feb. Thats 7 days and a weekend.

Sorry Dave posted this in the general forum. But here is a copy and paste.

As always it’s nearly impossible. But here it is I guess. In order 1st to 3rd. Ask me tomorrow and it would likely change.

Todd- looks like every grain elevator in every wheat town in the NW.
Rick- just always awesome work and unique build.
Pete- very cool looking building and the air conditioner is awesome.

Congratulations to all! We enjoyed viewing the glamor shots last evening Our votes follow, listed first to third after the name / nickname of the voter (@Dave_Taylor , you can average them, take them as one-Mueller-one-vote, randomly select a line of votes, etc. Whatever seems fair).

  • CINCHOUSE: Dan’s (@WaverlySouthern ) Ore Bin; Rick’s (@Rick_Marty )“Humboldt Oil Co.”; Dave’s (@Dave_Taylor ) “Freight Direct Farmington”

  • Eric: Dave’s “Freight Direct Farmington;” Todd’s (@capecodtodd ) cranberry silo: Vic’s (@VicSmith ) produce transfer station

  • O.D.: Vic’s produce transfer station; Dave’s “Freight Direct Farmington;” Dan’s ore bin

  • Y.D.: Todd’s cranberry silo; Dave’s “Freight Direct Farmington;” Dan’s ore bin

  • O.S.: Dan’s ore bin; Tim’s ( @Tim1) "Nocturne Mine; Vic’s produce transfer station

  • Kid-zilla: Todd’s cranberry silo; Rick’s “Humboldt Oil Co.;” Tim’s “Nocturne Mine”

Thanks to all for participating in this master class of how to get it done!

On Behalf of Team Mueller,


Oh wow, once again voting was really hard this year, but here are my votes
1st: Todd H.
2nd: Rick M.
3rd: Dave T.
Honorable mentions: Devon S. and Dan H.
Spirit of Mik: Eric M. and crew

Guess I throw a wrench out here:

  1. Lou for his Club House
  2. Vic for his two story false front store
  3. a toss up cause I can’t choose between the Mueller clan’s track side conglomeration and Tim’s mine scene( yes I even tossed a coin and it landed on it’s edge) Sorry to Dave as I’m breaking the vote for 3 request.
    To the spirit of The MIK :+1: :+1: :innocent: :sunglasses:

It is nearly impossible to pick a winner, or even a favorite, but I’ll give ist a go. Even the DNF’s all have some great modeling.

#1 Todd’s Grain Tower
#2 Rick’s oil depot
#3 Vic’s Produce Stand

If I had 9 more votes, I might be able to list all my favorites!

Great contest guys.

There were so many great ideas and builds this year. The one that really stood out reminded me of an old timey cobbled together structure with so much detail and colour to “feast” on. The next was a common well executed scene from back in the day that will be nicely incorporated into its layout. There was a toss up for the 3rd spot but the top choice ultimately appealed to my aesthetic eye.

1 Vic Smith
2 Rick Marty
3 Dave Taylor

3.2 Dan Hilyer
3.3 Devon Sinsley
3.4 Bill Hines

As always team Mueller deserves and honorable mention for their crazy fun madness. :grin:

Great job everyone.

Only one vote for Bill Hines
I like very much this kind of conbstruction
Hope he will go to the end

  1. Devon
  2. Vic Smith
  3. Todd Haskins
    Honorable Mention to Team Mueller
  1. Todd Haskins
  2. Dave Taylor
  3. Rick Marty

Tough to narrow it down to 3, but here we go.

  1. Bill Hines
  2. Todd Haskins
  3. Rick Marty
  1. Rick Marty
  2. Dave Taylor
  3. Bill Hines
  1. Todd Haskins
  2. Dave Taylor
  3. Eric Mueller

All very nice builds! It would have been nice to have seen all come to completion, but we recognize that time can be even tighter than the allowable money.

1 - Rick Marty
2 - Todd Haskins
3 - Pete Lassen (Anyone who uses my build technique gets a vote from me.)

  1. Todd Haskins
  2. Dave Taylor
  3. Dan Hilyer
  1. Todd Haskins
  2. Mueller Clan
  3. Rick Marty

Tough call

  1. Todd Haskins
  2. Dave Taylor
  3. Dan Hilyer

Voting with ONLY the “Spirit of Mik” in mind.

1…Vic Smith
2…Devon Sinsley
3 …Mueller Clan

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Every build had something that amazed me, and voting was difficult. So I based my vote on what I think Mik would have done, even though I haven’t found any of his projects.

So here goes…

1 Vic for showing that the glue doesn’t need to fully dry to create something incredibly detailed. :grin:

2 Lou for justifying hoarding as it WILL be useful one day. (PS Herself, thinks you are a bad influencer, a very bad influencer.:grimacing:)

3 Devon for showing you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to build something amazing, but putting a bit of blood, sweat and tears into the build, helps. :grin:

Fred was right, I learned a lot doing it the “Mik way” and thanks to everyone for advice to make me a better builder.

sitting on the fence doesn’t make voting easier.

being unfair to the rest of you guys…

  1. Rick Marty’s entire industry complex (reminds me of my 1:1 pre-electric settling. one barrel for lamp-oil, one for diesel-fuel and one for gasoline)

  2. VicSmith’s grocery (that would fit right in on my layouts)

  3. Pete Lassen’s lean-to (a wall finish i have never seen before on a model)

and the “spirit of MIK” special mention to Eric Mueller - as first class herdsman! (he’s not keeping one, or two, but an entire four kids to participate in his hobby - that’s incredible!)

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