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VOTING for Mik Build Challenge 2024

Time to VOTE for your favorite Mik 2024 build.


Open to vote to everyone thats on LSC…
That means you too!

Open voting is going on until Feb 25th.

somehow i think, the rules are too strict.
just ONE category!

there were such rubber-demands for this years build, that i could easily see half a dozen - or more - different categories of builds represented.

from the most pristine build to the most cartoonish.
from the quickest to the most detailed build.
from kitchen-knife built to high tec manufactured.
from the junk-pile build to the I-found-it-in-my-500-dollar-hoard build.
from … to … (fill in, what rocks your cradle)

from the 15 builds presented there are at least thirteen, that i like for this or that reason.
how to condense that down to “first, second, third”???

As always it’s nearly impossible. But here it is I guess. In order 1st to 3rd. Ask me tomorrow and it would likely change.

Todd- looks like every grain elevator in every wheat town in the NW.
Rick- just always awesome work and unique build.
Pete- very cool look building and the air conditioner is awesome.

and you voted in the wrong thread.

Well Devon…

Something about directing an equine to hydration, comes to mind…

I realized it and copied and pasted in the right thread.

LAST DAY to get your VOTING in for The MIK 2024 Build Challenge…

Everyone that can read this can vote…

Support those that took the challenge and effort…