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VOTE Here for your FAVORITE 2024 MIK BUILD

Impossible choices as always but if I’m going to vote I have to say something.
1-- Tod
2-- Dave
3–Mueller Family

Some fantastic builds… Hard to choose only one person for each level…

1 Rick Marty
2 Todd Haskins
3 Vic Smith

Honorable mention goes to Dan Hilyer and the Mueller Family…

I have been flowing along and watching the builds, very impressive all of them. I hope the ones that DNF do as it would be great to see how they look. Had a tough time deciding.

  1. Todd Haskins
  2. Vic Smith
  3. Mueller family

1 Rick Marty
2 Todd Haskins
3 Vic Smith

Well after lots of looking at pictures and build logs, I finally decided on the following
3rd place, Jim Rowson because I can see this will be awesome when it’s done
2: Devon Sinsley, his work and the back stories/ Devoning and constant rethinking and still a great build
1: Dan Hilyer, the fact that Hilyer Refrigeration Co. made( figuratively, Dan would never put his name on this) didn’t play into it , I just like the size and the fact that it wasn’t all
3 d printed, yes I’m jealous!


Thank you all that took the time…