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7/8ths Logging equipment

So the prints are starting to come off the machine. Mike is assembling the prototype as they do. So far he said I only have some minor issues needing to resize some of the indexing holes. But other than that it is going together nicely. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have the prototype done to show off.

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Index finger press sould work for scale 20t press, as long as you make a zzzzzzzzz noise to imitate the press motor

All but the wood parts and the boom pieces.

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Verrry nice! Maybe someday, I’ll be able to do something like this…

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No reason you can’t. I just dove in. With a lot of help from Dan I just started in and started asking questions. I think I have been doing it about a year.

Very well done, Devon. You have created beautiful model. Before you assemble the next one, take all the printed pieces and lay them out for a photo. I think it would be interesting to see just how many parts there are to this model and show the intricacies of the smaller ones.

Thanks for sharing this journey.

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So you are saying we DON’T need a hole in the head first??? :innocent:

Dang, that sure looks GREAT!

I dont recommend a hole in the head.


I will do that. Mike is printing me one in 1:20.3 that he will also offer. When I get mine I will do just that.

Here is my recommendation. Get the free version of Fusion 360. Its a full on CAD program. And start messing with it. Dan i am sure will help you and I am far enough along that I can also. Its very frustrating at first. Learning curve is steep. But once you master a few basic concepts then everything builds off of it. Then when you are really stumped on how to do something ask Dan or myself. Dan has been an excellent teacher. And I vow to be just as helpful, I will pay Dan back by helping others as he has helped me.

No, none of that for me, Sean!!


Plain nylon bearings, maybe with a shoulder. :grin:

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WOW!! I think that shows the complexity of the design and what a fun kit it will be to build. Will this be a complete kit? In other words, will it contain the brass rods, wooden dowels, cable, etc?

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That’s VERY impressive! Looks like a fun build.

I have several kits from Mike’s Etsy shop, excellent product! Have you had a hand in designing others Devon?

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It will for sure include all the wood and brass pieces. Not sure if he has a plan for cable.


I have had a hand in several. I designed his acetylene welding set, two of his sugar cane cars, the tin turtle cabs for his simplex, the boiler and some of the details for his Stainz.

And this is just the first piece in an entire line of logging equipment. The second piece is already being worked up
Stay tuned


I keep coming back to your comment about the complexity of this model.

I have to say, not as the designer, but as someone who is still relatively new to this technology. I am impressed. I was astonished when Mike came back and said that the only changes he needed were for me to enlarge a couple of the indexing holes.

That means that what I drew in a virtual world, let’s face it a complex model with a lot of interconnecting pieces, translated very well to a printable kit that he will be able to sell to a builder with limited skill and have it work. Its neat that it translates so well.

The only reason for any modification at all is the 3d printing process has a tendency to shrink holes. Thats is. They need to be a little bigger to allow for the shrinkage.

I’d say thats pretty minor and a simple “press/pull” on the hole fixes that.

It has been a real hoot working with Mike and this project really showed me what I can do.

When you show all the pieces it makes it more impressive! That will be a fun kit to build for some guys with logging RR’s Heck I may buy one just to put somewhere just for visual interest!

It could always be a museum piece. Its not at all uncommon for this sort of equipment to be displayed with a little plaque so people have some history.

I saw him post those pictures on FB. Great looking model.