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7/8ths Logging equipment

So working with my friend Mike, we just completed his/our most recent project. I will get to reveal it soon. But we are ready to start a new one. However, this time I am taking the lead. This will be more my vision that he will in turn market on his Etsy store. I approached him and said “what about doing a 7/8ths logging line”. He was immediately on board. So the first item on the list is going to me a double drum Wilamete Steam donkey like this one.

I like this style with the unusual larger extended firebox. I am not setting out to make a replica of this steam donkey as I really don’t have access to one to measure and crawl on. I do however have access to another steam donkey of a similar size. So mine will be a bit of a freelanced version based as close as I can on this one. Here is the humble beginnings.

Ambitious project Devon. Why 7/8ths?

Because that’s what my friend Mike markets on his Etsy sight. He has had requests for a logging line. and it is something I have been wanting to try my hand at with CAD. Nice thing is I can then scale it down to 1:20.3 or 1:24 if I want a smaller version for myself.

I hope to make several pieces for the line. Our current project is a small 0-2-0 7/8ths version of the Stainz. One of the things I want to do for that is make some accessories to our model that will give it more of an American feel such as a wood fired “Hunter” style stack and a Gypsy winch to really make it look like a little logging loco.

Yours and Cliff’s stiff leg derrick have inspired me to make one for loading logs. And who knows what else we will come up with for the line.

Hmmm I’ll wait for the pics … :kissing:

Me too. We are close to starting the print. I should have the main boiler piece done soon as well as the base. I am close on those. But they are also the easy parts to design. The drum assemblies will be much more challenging. The cylinders won’t be to bad.

We are going to use real wood for the skids.

Hmmm, for your small gypsy engine the Falk or Bear Harbor would be great prototypes.

We already have the engine done. I will get to reveal it very soon. It is less the winch and is more in keeping with the euro style Stainz. But he does have a square window cab version that is more American looking. I want to make a wood burner stack for it like the Hunter style diamond stack and then make a gypsy winch that will be add ons. And then I hope to design some logging disconnects also.

Obviously this will be a design project over a long period of time. But when I am done I am hoping we have an entire logging set based of his Stainz build, that he can offer for sale and I will make a buck or two along the way.

I should be working but when the boss is away the kids will play. I am the only one at work today and well . . . what can I say. Instead of working I spent some time on Fusion. Here is the latest

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Ssshhh…You never know when the boss is listening :open_mouth:

Wait, aren’t you always the only one at work?! I thought I remembered you saying you were the sole employee of the water district!

While it feels like that a lot of the time. . . No their are four of us

Great work, Devon! And I’m sure you’ll enjoy the challenge (read: banging one’s head repeatedly against a wall) as much as I did! :grin:

You mentioned starting with a Willamette, which I have a catalog for (and you might as well). If you have a model number, and care for more info, I’ll scan and send the cat page if it’s listed.

Best luck!


PS, I’ll admit I was hamstrung by two over-lofty goals: 1) to do the 5 large scales of this simultaneously; and 2) make them all motorized. Avoid those, keep chugging, and you’ll be fine! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Now, IF THAT doesn’t cause a hole in your head…

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There were upsides to the project. Like, it made me way forget all about work.

But, like Hollywood would say, “YMMV.” :grin:

Is that a euphemism for something?


I have no model number. Just a vision and an image. This will be a very freelance project. Not looking to replicate anything in particular. The only reason the wilamete came up is I like that funky firebox

No Cliff, I’m not that clever nor can I spell that word.

Devon said to me once that he was the only office guy other than the water board directors. I guess the directors like to get paid too? First brain survey/surgery over here we got talking about water stuff as my father in law works in the water “industry”.


This looks like it will be a fun project. You are quickly becoming a 3D modeling master. Give us a breakdown of how this donkey will be printed when you get it figured out. Like how many prints and what groupings. Are all the little details going to be printed with the main boiler ( those that are attached)?

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You calling me master is truly a high compliment. Considering none of it would be possible without you instruction. This model uses patterns on planes. Manipulating planes,combining sketches
, and the such. All things you have walked me through. If I am a master its only because I have had the best instructor.

Now for the details. So far the base is one piece. The boiler another. Then the side braces will be another. This will have a lot of individual pieces. Its a kit that will require assembly.

Most of Mike’s customers are overseas. So Shipping is a consideration. So pieces need to be robust enough that people can assemble them without them breaking. All that is being taken into account.