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Steam Donkey skid

Reference: 7/8ths Logging equipment - #104 by Devon_Sinsley

The 3D printed Willamette and Dolbeer 7/8 and 1:20.3 scale are being printed by Mike.
I volunteered to make the sled/skid for the model. This one is in 7/8" scale. With the help of logging history author Dennis Thompson, we came up with a feasible plan and the hardware.

No two sleds were alike. Each donkey customer adapted their sleds to fit their own needs. Some were built on huge logs, others on milled timbers. I went with a milled timber model. Dennis had several books and drawings we poured over and decided that we would go with a sled that fit our needs, because the Willamette came in various sizes. I scaled Mikes model and then proceeded.

Unable to find any 2" x 2" vertical grained cabinet quality fir, I had some basswood custom cut for me from a hardwood supplier in the mid west.

The shipment arrived and the milling began.

Assembly started with the finalized plan I drew up.

The deck was added.

This is the 7/8 hardware that we came up with.

The front view of the finished sled with the fairlead.

Rear view with the tank beams and steam pump.

The entire sled. It’s too long to get a larger picture.

The sled is now at Mikes for the donkey and tank install. I understand Mike is building a roof for it as well. When I see it, I’ll get the completed pictures for you.


Excellent work John. The “rusty” (or “primed”?) fittings look great against the weathered wood.

Just noticed the link to Devon’s donkey, cool.

That is a terrific looking sled. I’ll admit that I was dumbfounded by just how complex it is. Nice job (research and build)!

Great job on the sled, John. Can’t wait to see the completed model. I really like the steam pump :wink:

The hardware is “primed” with red primer. Mike, who is an expert weatherer and detailer will touch them up as he sees fit.
Devon will be designing other detail “bits and pieces” for the model when he gets some time off from his busy schedule. We are planning a swivel fairlead, some pulleys, and such.

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Yeah, I like it too Dan. Seems mighty familiar… almost like the one designed by an old friend, I forget his name though, sounded like Han Dilyer… :grin:

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I have seen the completed model Mike put together. I have to say I am very proud to be a cog in the wheel of this awesome collaboration. In 7/8ths this is a gigantic model. And throwing all humility aside I think we have done about as good a job of making a very respectable model of a Willamette skidder. Between Mike’s vision and 3d printing skill, Dennis’ extensive knowledge and resources, John’s experience and excellent building skills, and my humble but growing CAD modeling abilities I think we have come up with about as good a model as there is. And it’s all available to the industrious buyer.

And I have to throw a shout put to Dan Hilyer. That’s his steam pump on that sled. He is now a part of this collaboration. But if you have been following along none of what I have contributed would be possible without his extensive help with teaching me Fusion. So we can leave Dan out even if he is behind the scenes.

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Devon, well said!
I don’t know much, if anything, that goes on behind the scenes other than the designing and building the sled. Dan should be included, of course. And it would be really cool if Dan had other designs as well as you to add to the “logging” series of models we are enjoying.
Thank you Dan and you, Devon! And Mike for using several bottles of expensive resin and keeping a few printers running 24-7 just to print a few things to toss before the final model was finished.
Nobody that I could find around here had any Vertical Grain cabinet grade fir that I could buy. I finally searched the country and settled on some custom basswood out of Wisconsin.
I’ll posts some pics of my Dolbeer donkey as soon as it gets back from Mike, who is weathering it for me.