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The Mik is Coming

Next week, we all know what happens…We will give thanks, pass the turkey, and discuss the inevitable…Dave’s theme for the Mik 2023!

I am posting this to warn you that Kid-zilla and the 1:24 gang and I backhauled our parts bins from others kind donations, price-of-shipping offers, and our own (un)successful project leftovers…

…and dragged out the derelicts…

[Uploading: 20221109_153440.jpg…]

…and scavenged for parts.


We inventoried our insulated foam and our egg crate, topped off the TiteBond III, located our craftsticks, and inspected shattered buildings for potential.

We are ready.

Are you?


I’m ready… I’ve got my easy chair all positioned in front of my old PC, and large screened monitor. I have a few jars of a suitable refreshment, along with reasonable background, soft, soothing music.
Yes I’m VERY ready, to watch with great pleasure, all you great people, young and old, enjoying the GREAT hobby of Large Scale MODEL RAILROADING…so nice to see so many actually doing more than just taking stuff out of a box. Every time you build something, “Mic’s Way”, you learn so many things that can’t be bought, no mater how much you spend.
Thank you all for sharing, with refreshing minutes of humor…
Fred Mills


I’m hoping to participate this year, waiting to see what the challenge is.

Looking forward to seeing you compete once again!

I still haven’t even completed my project from last year’s MIK. It’s like 95% done but the bonus build is only like 20% done. :roll_eyes:

I always say I won’t do it and end up doing it. So maybe this year I’ll say I’ll do it and won’t? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::thinking::rofl:

And we need to wake up Devon and get him interested in trains again! Well I got him buying a car from a train store I was at , so the interest is still there!

Yes; where is Devon.
Devon sparked a lot of interest, not only with “The Mik”, but with all sorts of ideas, questions, and so many solutions, that we often ran out of questions, for his helpful solutions, that he started adding questions of his own…!
Truely, Devon used to add, sometimes daily chatter to these web pages, sparking friendly debate, and often challenging ideas.
Where are you these days, Devon. I hope you aren’t lost in a dark, back isle, of a lost Model Railroad shop, out past the extreme length of your safety leash…!!!

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I am still kicking. Lets just say this has not been one of my finest years and leave it at that. About the farthest thing from my mind has been trains. But with that said I don’t think I can go without participating in the MIK. So I am getting warmed up. I need to get my hobby room back in order which it almost is (part of the crappy year thing) so that I can build again.

BTW thanks for reminding me Pete. I forgot to call that guy back and see about that car. Hope he still has it.