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Sinsley 2022 MIK build log

“Bless you my son” From on High comes a ruling.

Stop CADing and hit the save button… If its actually a file you will print…

Come Sat. CAD and [PRINT]

No issues from me…

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Thanks Dave. Done. I am just to new to the whole CAD way of doing things and knowing what is “designing” and what is “building” What really got me was there is really nothing different between what I was doing and making a master piece to then mold and cast. I would not consider that within the rules and then it dawned on me that all I was really doing was making the virtual master and mold. So you pretty well affirmed what I was thinking already.

Well good news. I decided to clear my conscience. Not really, but two things did happen. One, I really want to make this project a MIK junk bin build; and two, I want the tank on the tower out of steel so I can rust it naturally. So nothing I designed will get printed.

Devon lamented that I didn’t post this on HIS thread…so… :skull: :money_mouth_face: :broken_heart:

Bruce, you should include that photo on every post you make to his build log just to make him feel better :wink: And, didn’t you post a build log on the bucket loader you constructed many moons ago?

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I did build the ‘prototype’: Bucket Coaling Station

And actually built the HO version a LONG time ago…(last century, even)


Yep, that is the one I remember. It crossed my mind to build one for this year’s Mik but I couldn’t find your build log to steal… umm, I mean … ummm to use as a guide :grin: Thanks for providing the link. I’ll bookmark it for future reference.

Thank you Bruce, I feel much more loved now.

Well, in the interest of saving YOUR time, there is only ONE link to remember: ARTICLE: A Master Index for the J&B RR :innocent:

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That really is a beautiful model. And after seeing the drawing and your rendition It does give me motivation for the outdoor version. No way I am putting that much detail into something up on my ceiling. But I really do like the overall look of that model. outdoors they are wood burners so no need cor the coal hoist but It could be used as a general purpose crane. It is a very tempting build.

Hehe…THAT works!

As I recall, building that crane was LOTS of fun. With a 3D printer it might even be more so. :innocent:

I saw that in another post I like it and adding the sand house would be perfect for my new vision for my outdoor with the very scaled down them. I plan on having many more buildings as time goes on.

You make a good point about detail - it’s hard to maintain it - my building philosophy evolved to “EVERY building has to be able to be cleaned with a hose”

That all depends on the size of the hose :wink:

Sort of kind of…I liked to be able to wash stuff down without destroying stuff. NO pressure washer.

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It’s still very much a great model, Bruce. We love it.

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That feeder track seems a bit… erm… short?

It’s a long story…
But yeah.

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but a short pier ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sunglasses:

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