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Sinsley 2022 MIK build log

Dave done good with this one.

I lost sight of my personal ambitions when it comes to the MIK. 2019, 2020, and 2021 strayed away from what I personally wanted to make the MIK about for me. After the first year I was in, I decided to make everything for my indoor layout. 2016 I made the engine house for it. 2017 I made the snow shed for it. 2018 I made, well started, the mine hoist for it. I want to get back to it.

I won’t have the grand scope on my indoor that I once did. But even the shrunken ceiling version I will implement the three projects. And then comes 2022. ROW. I love this topic anyway. As a former HO guy trackside detailing was as much or more important than the trains themselves. On the indoor I have always wanted it to be as much about the scenery and trackside details is a huge part of that. But on a ceiling layout what can you do that can be seen. Well actually tons of stuff and tons of stuff went through my mind.

In keeping with the theme and incorporating my 2016 engine house, I decided to model the sand house and tower.

I give you the Sinsley Mountain Logging and Mining Co. sand house and tower

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So here is the plan. For the 2016 MIK I built this:

The sand house and tower will be a extension of this scene. Most all of the ceiling layout will have flats for buildings and what not. But in one corner I want the yard scene to be larger and more detailed with full buildings. It iwill be an area over my 3D printers and my On30 layout so access will be tough to the track so pushing it out with a larger corner scene is a good idea anyway.

And I want to go old school MIK and use scrap box materials. The temptation to 3D print much of this is there. But I have enough technical modeling going on right now. So while the printer is blazing away on another project I will build this old school by scrounging the junk bin.

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I like this project, Devon. It will go well with the engine house. Are you planning to use the same architectural details as the engine house such as the cut stone?

So to add to this a bit more. Here is the real estate I can dedicate to it. As I said in this corner of the ceiling I can afford to give up some space. The area below it has a rolling storage cart that has my 3D printers on it. If I need access the cart can be reamoved and I can get a ladder in there. So I will plan the entire area on a 4X4 foot space. The big rectangle is roughly the dimension of the engine house. It has two sets of doors and tracks but I will only make one set attached and connected to the railroad.It will house the little logging loco I have started and am devoning.

The little rectangle will be the drying house. I will make it 4" X 10". I am modeling this in my 1:24 compressed rubber scale so that is an 8’ x 20 'building. I will build the tower to match.

Thanks to a question I raised about this two years ago, there is a decent thread on how sand drying houses work. I appreciate the knowledge people gave me on the subject and I will rely on it heavily.

I really hadn’t gotten that far in the planning. But since I have all the material to mimic it without any expense I think it would be a good plan. Even though that is Taylor Tin on the roof (that was the theme of that year) i can use the Fiskers roller pop can tin for the drying house. The cut stone is just foam. and If I don’t have shingles I have enough ceder to split them. So Yes I think I will match the engine house

I think keeping some of the same architectural details will give the impression that the buildings were planned and not just built at different times and plopped down on the layout. Looking forward to the build.

Now I’ve got to figure out what need to build, hmmmmmm :grin:

So with Dan’s suggestion I will build the house with Cut stone base (from foam I have), side it with shingles (I may or may not have but can cut for free), and lay the roof in corrugated pop cans (which I have). I will build timber sand bin from wood I have. I will then make the tower from wood I have and either some scraps of metal I have or I just might have to print it. It is just begging to be 3D printed. I will add some lighting with either LED’s or if my plan works, I have been bouncing around an idea for a LED light engine to light up a small bundle of fiber optics for pin point lights in fixtures. Either way I have all of that on hand. Total cost of this project should be $0.00.

And I didn’t need to run out and buy super glue.

Here is a couple of drawings a person did with a picture of the Durango Sand House. This is the look I am after.

Pictures courtesy of Thouhts on a model steam engine service layout]

BTW: thats the original 1881 sand house. Been thru it and used it for 315 running.

Sadly its gone now…

Dave T.


Thats too bad. Neat little feature. Hopefully I can do it some honor by making a decent replica of it.

Devon, I have those same drawings. I think I got them out of the NGSL Gazette. Its on my project to-do list. One day!! At least now I’ll have the luxury of letting you (and Dave) figure out the mechanical side and how best to model it :crazy_face:

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I have an ethical question. Now I realize I could go on about my way and no one would be the wiser. But since I answer to me and a higher authority I was taught and believe in playing by the rules. All weekend I have been “planning” my MIK build. I have done zero “construction” and have only done some “drawing” to get an idea of what I want. I felt up until this morning that I was ethically within the realm of “planning and design”. But since I know I will end up printing at least some of the items on this building, and since my “drawing” is being done in my CAD program it could be argued that I am not drawing but am actually building since all I need to do is transfer the files and print. Am I breaking the rules? Normally I would go with my gut but my gut is not working as I can see it both ways. Am I just being goofy and overthinking again?

“Bless you my son” From on High comes a ruling.

Stop CADing and hit the save button… If its actually a file you will print…

Come Sat. CAD and [PRINT]

No issues from me…

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Thanks Dave. Done. I am just to new to the whole CAD way of doing things and knowing what is “designing” and what is “building” What really got me was there is really nothing different between what I was doing and making a master piece to then mold and cast. I would not consider that within the rules and then it dawned on me that all I was really doing was making the virtual master and mold. So you pretty well affirmed what I was thinking already.

Well good news. I decided to clear my conscience. Not really, but two things did happen. One, I really want to make this project a MIK junk bin build; and two, I want the tank on the tower out of steel so I can rust it naturally. So nothing I designed will get printed.

Devon lamented that I didn’t post this on HIS thread…so… :skull: :money_mouth_face: :broken_heart:

Bruce, you should include that photo on every post you make to his build log just to make him feel better :wink: And, didn’t you post a build log on the bucket loader you constructed many moons ago?

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I did build the ‘prototype’: Bucket Coaling Station

And actually built the HO version a LONG time ago…(last century, even)


Yep, that is the one I remember. It crossed my mind to build one for this year’s Mik but I couldn’t find your build log to steal… umm, I mean … ummm to use as a guide :grin: Thanks for providing the link. I’ll bookmark it for future reference.

Thank you Bruce, I feel much more loved now.

Well, in the interest of saving YOUR time, there is only ONE link to remember: ARTICLE: A Master Index for the J&B RR :innocent:

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