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Railpro Install in a Bachmann 2-truck Shay

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I have been away from LSC for quite awhile and it is good to be back…

I am looking for a source that shows how to install a Railpro module in a Bachmann 2-truck Shay. I have found a rather detailed instruction for a 3-truck Shay but not for the 2-truck.

If something has been written or posted I’d appreciate some direction to finding it.

Redwood Creek and Tallulah Ridge Railroad

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I’ve done it in an early version. Posts are here somewhere; will try and find them. Originally a battery r/c conversion that was later converted to Railpro. I wanted to keep the flicker board so I needed to build a split battery pack with 3 cells in the boiler and one in the air tank. Trucks were hard wired as well.

Here is the original post…

And here is the conversion to RailPro…

Hey Jon!!

Thanks so much for sharing your detailed conversion. Very clear as I read through it…and the pictures are great!! I’m looking forward to getting started with mine.