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Official VOTING for Mik's Build Challenge 2022

Voting for your Favorite

Mik’s Build Challenge 2022 build.

Voting for your favorite build from this years build challenge is simple.
Voting is open to any member in good standings on LSC.

FIRST: Goto the thread “ 2022 Mik’s Build challenge Entrants Photos for voting”

and look over all the great builds.

SECOND: Come back to this thread and post your votes:

If you choose to vote in private e-mail me at [email protected]

There is ONLY ONE thing to vote on, Your favorite!
For whatever the reason is doesn’t matter.
You set your own criteria.
Please list your choices for: 1st., 2nd., and 3rd.

Voting will end at sunup ( really more like when I drag me lazy as$ out of bed) on

Tuesday the 22th of Feb. Thats 8 days and a weekend.

Here’s a link to the Entrants Photos for Voting thread that Dave mentioned above.

Just to make things easier…

As always, this is an impossible task. I had to really just go by Dave’s voting rules for this one, by picking favorites. So everyone gets 1st place. Now to get to the real task of crunching the numbers.
#1: Jon’s outhouse/telegraph. Probably the first documented case of someone sitting on the throne talking over the wires. Probably the simplest build we have but he did a marvelous job. Everything about it is just right.

#2: Tie between Rick and Cliff. How does one choose one over the other.

#3: Craig. An ambitious build and he got it done.

Spirit of MIK: Todd. While we built the same thing his use of the tin can and scrap wood is what MIK is about.

I do have to give a couple honorable mentions. The Mueller family is always a favorite just because I love the family nature of it. And you guys get better each year. The rock work came out great and Kidzilla is just growing up so fast.

Vic, I will be copying this this summer. Wife had the idea of one of those patio fire pits with this running around it.

Geee though decisions …
One question: how does 3d printing fit in with pricing…
I have to agree with my buddy Devon … he’s seeing the light . :rofl:
#1 Jon’s out house
#2 cant decide between Rick or Cliff either
#3 Craig
And the Todd he nailed the " Sprit of MIK "

This is a question best taken up later I would think, but I do ask the same

I took this to a new thread under the 2022 challenge

FWIW, I used about $5 of 3dp resin, and everything else was on hand.
Should have mentioned this earlier, sorry.

Wait Devon,
Those creampuffs don’t count as bribes towards first place? :joy:

I’m actually shocked I got 2 third place votes already.

What would have happened if I had actually gotten it all done? :thinking::grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Rick Marty
Cliff Jennings
Devon Sinsley

I will open my voting with a bit of thought. I have very mixed feelings on the use of 3D printed items, or at least unlimited use, in the MIK Challenge. Cliff commented the he only used about 50 cents worth of resin, and yet his build is near half printed. The original intent of the Challenge was to use what you have or can trade for plus $30.00 max. For someone who does not own a 3D printer, that puts them at a severe disadvantage, in that the printer owner has a ‘limitless’ junk box based on what he can print. I don’t have any issues with printing, I just question is the unlimited use a violation of the Challenge intent. Therefore my choices will be biased away from the ‘techno’ modelers.

Craig’s station is fantastic, and will be a great addition to his railroad. Boarded windows depicting the ‘end of life’ of the station was an interesting twist.

Tim’s Platform and Tower addition is hot mess of existing and new structure along with a gaggle of folks cluttering the platform. Definitely a good use of a small space.

The Mueller clan has done their usual wonderful job of combining creativity, family time and model railroading. In the usual ‘low bucks’ financial model, the Mueller clan has as with almost all of their builds kept the ‘Spirit of MIK’.

Cliff’s flat car/crane with load is a fantastic model worthy of a ribbon at an ECLSTS competition. The attention to detail is his usual over the top craftsmansip. It is difficult to see, is there real wood in there?

Not sure it is the look he was after, but Devon’s sand house and tower show all the appearance of what would be on a back woods logging or mining operaton. Hastily constructed to meet the need and maintained as little as possible. Nice job Devon.

Rick Marty has done another fine model with lots of detail. In the spirit of the logging line he models and in the ‘Spirit of MIK’

Jon Radder’s telegraph station has all the earmarks of a scrapbox build. Small but functional. I just wonder where the smokejack from the Napkin Sketch is?

Todd H. built another sand house, his showing ownership by a more prosperous railroad than Devon’s. As Devon mentioned the use of the veggie can definitely puts it in the MIK frame of mind.

Dan’s backwoods station is a well done model, if a bit too techno for me as a MIK build. Mastering new skills is always a good thing. Brickwork is always a challenge to get the color and weathering right.

Dave T’s trestle is another of his fine builds showing how he left lots of building material on the floor making all that timber. Nicely done Dave.

Noe for my votes.

#1 - Team Mueller - Best of show for the Spirit of MIK

#2 - Jon Radder - Absolutely a scrap box build

#3 - Devon Sinsley - I just like his backwoods feel

#1 -Rick Marty- Derrick
#2-Cliff Jennings- Boiler room
#3-Dan Hilyer- Backwoods Station

Such a tough choices…

I guess my first criterion is effort. This is easy, cuz this model had a whole crew working it!

#1: Team Mueller

People who know me know I love history, so I have to be true to that. And I can’t honestly decide between these guys; they really slammed it out of the park with their respective historical models.

#2A Rick’s derrick & platform
#2B Jon’s telegraph outhouse

My third thing is working with what you have on hand, and making something cool with it. Everyone did great with this, but I have to go with my gut. Devon did a fantastic job with on-hand materials, mixing them in a totally believable way. Great job, Dev.

#3 Devon’s sand house


Well, first, everybody else’s build surpassed my own.

The detail on Cliff’s and Ricks crane’s is ‘wow.’

Devin’s and Todds sand houses are excellent.

The effort Dave put into that trestle is impressive, especially since it was ripped from wood laying around.

Craigs depot took a lot of effort.

I like Jon’s outhouse/telegraph station.

Vic’s effort reminded me of the layout Mik built on an old table.

And reading the updates on Team Mueller’s entry was quite enjoyable.

That said:

First Place - Team Mueller - they had fun and did some creative repurposing.

Second Place - Vic, for building an entire layout out of stuff laying around.

Third - Dave, because that trestle took some work.

Removing commentary and just placing a vote:
Craig and the boarded up station - 1st place
Jon and the Privy/Section House - 2nd place
Todd and the tin can Sand house - 3rd place

Great Job Everyone and once again picking the top 3 is a tough task. I am also on the fence about the 3D printing jobs, maybe more so out of jealousy that I do not have one, but there is a skill to have a vision, print what you need and then assembling it all to create something cool. A 3D printer is just another tool and really is the ultimate parts box.
My vote.

1 Dan Hilyer
2 Cliff Jennings
3 Rick Marty
The Spirit of Mik. Devon Sinsley

Great job to everyone.

Here it goes

  1. Devon S./Todd H. The edge going to Todd because I like buildings built tough enough you can kick them without damage😁
  2. Cliff J.,/Rick M. Impossible to choose between the two.
  3. Dan H., I’m a sucker for little stations like that.
    Spirit of Mik, to Eric M. and crew, fun project.

1…Jon Radder

2…Craig Townsend

3…Todd Haskins and Vic Smith were tied

As always the Meuller family has fantastic interaction with the kids! I’m sure the kids will remember all this as they decide what nursing home you go to!

  1. Cliff Jennings
  2. Team Mueller
  3. Jon Radder

I guess it is time for me to cast my votes. As usual, making a decision is extremely difficult as every entry has winning qualities. My personal favorites are…

  1. Rick Marty - The level of detail in the mechanism and hardware is exquisite!

  2. Cliff Jennings - The re-use of extra parts from Joe was a great idea. The wood platform and crane are great!

  3. Dan Hilyer - Just an all around neat build that would fit perfect on my RR!

Honorable mentions:

Team Mueller for once again rallying the troops for a fine group project.

Craig Townsend for bending to the pressure to enter and finding the time to complete a large and very cool build.

Voting is the hardest part of the MIK. Our conversations included effort, “coolness,” how well it would look in Hawaii, “MIK-ness,” etc. It was interesting to see how the same words applied to the same build by a different family member ended up with vastly different results in some cases. The discussions ranged as far as our votes, so let us skip to the latter:

Name / 1st / 2nd / 3rd / Spirit of the MIK

  • Eric / Craig’s Depot / Dan’s Station / Cliff’s derrick / Tim’s Middleton Station
  • CINCHOUSE / Dan’s Station / Dave T.'s trestle / Rick’s derrick / Jon’s Telegraph Station
  • O.D. / Dave’s trestle / Rick’s derrick / Devon’s sanding tower / Tim’s Middleton Station
  • Y.D. / Dan’s station / Dave’s trestle / Cliff’s derrick / Rick’s derrick
  • O.S. / Jon’s telegraph station / Rick’s derrick / Cliff’s derrick / Jon’s telegraph station
  • Kid-zilla / Dave’s trestle / Craig’s depot / Cliff’s derrick / Vic’s “bigger pizza”

“Mahalo!” to Dave for running this year after year! Maybe 2023 there will at last be some “in house” competition!