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New shed

A few months ago, my wife and I decided I needed a new workshop. In theory, this would allow me an escape-space in the event of too many grandchildren visiting (and “papa bear” getting too grumbly). In actuality, my new facility would allow my lovely wife’s taking over my shop space in the garage, for her growing yarn dying / teaching business.

I’ve avoided talking about this for at least two months… But, under the “tools and tips” category, I’d like to talk about the new workshop.

Zat ok?

I PROMISE that I’ll make at least one Large Scale thing in the new shop. Eventually. Long way to go on this Tool.

And if anyone has anything somewhat related to chime in with, please do!


Funny you should bring this subject up, Cliff. My wife and I are finalizing plans for a his & hers shops. I finally realized that if I would offer to build her a shop, she wouldn’t grumble about me wanting one. We’ll see how it turns out. But, since this is your thread, carry on :grin:

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Holy cow Dan, you’ve just justified a lot of things in my life! Please, post on!!

Well, I have a lot of woodworking & metal working equipment along with the lawn mower, Gator, workbenches, etc in a 1 car, attached garage. So when I want to do any work, it all has to come out in the driveway so I have space to work. Everything is on casters except the tablesaw, it stays put, so its not a big deal as long as the weather cooperates. Here in the deep south, that is a rarity. So I spend too much time moving equipment out and back in the garage because it “looks” like it is going to rain. If you go back through some of my Mik builds you will find comments to this effect.

Now my wife has a lot of “junk” (hope she doesn’t see this :grimacing:) and its mysteriously accumulating in the house and she wants somewhere to keep her stuff (junk) other than where it is now. So, in my infinite wisdom (ROTFLMAO) I told her I we could build her a shop for her stuff (junk) as long as daddy got one, too, and to my suprise, she said ok.

Ain’t she wonderful? (really hope she doesn’t see this)

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@Cliff_Jennings here is the 3D model we are currently working from.

Each shop is 30x40 w/16’ sidewalls and a 40x40 carport in the middle w/12’ ceiling
Hers on the left, his on the right.

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Are we drawing up the new space in CAD first to make sure everything fits?

I don’t get to jealous about houses and square footage often but when I see someone that has a shop space the size of my house or even half that size, I start wondering about my life choices…

Yes Dan I’m looking at you! 1200 sq ft for each person?! My house is only 1700 sq ft total!

possibly you’ll learn, that women are really good at the landgrabbing game. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Good job of convincing the wife. My wife agreed to a new shop for me several years ago when I told her she could have my old shop in the house for her stained glass studio. I built a 30X50 pole barn, finished 30X30 for the shop the rest was a garage. Couple years ago I convinced her I needed to add on, the shop is now 30X50. One suggestion make allowances to add on. I thought my new shop would be plenty big but a few new to me tools and it got crowded.

First, welcome aboard Mark. Glad to have you in our little miniature world. As you can see we don’t always limit ourselves to scale trains. Great bunch of folks here with a lot of knowledge. Don’t mind the rooster roaming around, he likes to crow a lot but otherwise he’s harmless. Pretty wise for a rooster, though.

Allowing for shop expansion is wise advice. We never have enough space.

Amazing shed design, Dan! I could only go 12x24, due to costs, lack of more space and property line setbacks.

I’ve been puzzling out platform design for quite a while, and since it faces a hillside with plenty of rain water, I decided to elevate it and let it act like a huge French drain (with water going where it wants to).

Yesterday I hired a gentleman with a bobcat to distribute the gravel while I raked it out.

The delivery was late in the day. But with me holding a light (and phone for videoing) the delivery guy got shed installed. Took about an hour of pushing & prodding with the trailer (which moves in several ways) and him jacking and prying.

Some shots from this morning.

Since Craig brought it up… :grin: the small-ish space gave me a good reason to do an internal arrangement. Most is on wheels, and there are a number of tables & racks I’ll need to make.

Cliff of all the sticklers to detail I have run into around here, you’re the last I thought would over look the most important necessity. Get the shed addition on order, order the extra gravel, and build the needed foundation. Oh, and don’t forget the plumbing permit. Your dream man outhouse will be redecorated in all kinds of frilly things if you don’t move it fast. :innocent: :smirk: :sunglasses:

It’s already too small. :slight_smile:

Nice looking workshop, Cliff. I like the instant (sort of) gratification. Still a lot of details to work through as Hollywood pointed out. We started planning our new shops just before COVID so with the price of building materials skyrocketing during that time, we put it on hold until a couple months ago. Waiting on grading contractor to give us a price and schedule and still in discussions with concrete contractor on price to pour the slab (100+ yards :frowning_face:)

The modeling certainly helps with efficient and functional layout. Now that you are getting a new shop, we will be expecting bigger and better projects, not these small, simple ones we’ve seen recently :grin:

Here are my (pretty crappy, long & boring) videos of the installation. If you click around you’ll get a reasonable idea of how 1 guy did it. The remote-controlled trailer stretches (from the truck), moves side-to-side, tips, and pushes with a sliding deck.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Pretty much…same size as my shed and I’ve been out of space for years…One of the reasons I’m not building much if anything these days.

I object! We are not allowed to be building for the MIK yet.
Plus he didn’t do a napkin.
You’re disqualified!

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Lou, I didn’t build it, I just watched. And it was paid for a few weeks ago, so…

But good point on the sketch, thanks!!

Well, that’s good now it won’t count against your $35 :grin: I’m sure it would have eaten most of your Mik allowance if you had waited till after Jan 1 to pay for it.

Just an observation Re: the videos, wouldn’t it have been much easier if you each had simply grabbed each end of the building and just set it in place and not have to deal with all the trailer, jack and johnson bar manipulations? :rofl: At least that’s what I would have done :grin:

Sure, and if you were here to grab the opposite end, we could have just carried it into place. But, you weren’t here, so… :grin:

I watched all of it without fast forwarding. What does that say about my life?

That trailer is pretty slick. At first I wasn’t sure the driver knew what he was doing, but he got it done! I was really surprised that your foundation didn’t shift while he was sliding it across. Good job anchoring it!