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Help Finding Crane Car Conversion

A number of years ago a member converted a smaller scale metal crane catapiller model to a 1:20 scale version. I would appreciate any help locating that article.


I did a USA Crane, many years ago by opening it up, adding a USA Caterpillar Engine and 1:20.3 figures. Never completed, as far as outriggers and extra detail parts, but with an HLW flat car, widened and replanked, it made a good start.

Thanks for the answer Ric. It helps me clarify my question. This project started with, I believe, a metal Koering model with tractor threads. The base and crane were kept and the cab was replaced.

Pretty sure that was Rick Marty, maybe 5 years ago or more ?

Thanks Jon. I was pretty sure it was Rick.

I used a USTrains Industrial crane as a base for modifications, years ago, probably inspired by Ric Golding’s modelling skills.
I installed outriggers, and modified a Bachmann flat, to act as a boom car. I didn’t bother with interior details, as they are not visible enough to be bothered with. I added an old Kalamazoo tender as a fuel supply car to make it a three car unit.
It sits on a shelf, and I never took pictures of it as I am not a photographer. It is just meant as a shelf Queen.
I may have mentioned it when I worked on it, over 15 years ago, or more.
Fred Mills

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I don’t think it was me.
Here are links to one I did.

Try Scott Suleski I seem to remember him doing a more modern crane conversion.

Thank you Rick. That was it.