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Boom Tender 07

Hi all,

Finished the crane rebuild a couple months ago and have finally found time to finish up the boom tender flat. Well almost finished, it still needs a bunch of detail work.

In case you don’t remember the crane was a bash of a 1:29 diesel crane to a 1:20 steam crane, the build thread is here.

A picture

The boom flat car was built up using an old Heartland (I think) short flat as a base. It was widened and lengthened and re-decked with Redwood planking. I used the original trucks and a few detail parts and like I said still have a few things to ad.

The pictures.


Thanks for taking a look.


Oh yea, thanks Bob for fixing it.

I still don’t understand just how that can work

but it seems to.

Excellent, as usual…:wink:

Very nice Rick, well done!

Beautiful models.


Very nice Rick. Great work as always.

Rick, nice work… the ““Unit”” looks great…

Looks great Rick. Prototype question time; Would there have been a metal wear plate on the top of the timber where the boom rests? In curves there must be some movement there. I’m thinking if there wasn’t a wear plate that timber would get torn up pretty quickly.

I was going to say, “no fair sneaking in a prototype photo and claiming it’s your model!”

Thanks for the comments guys, it was a fun project.


Believe it or not I copied this from a prototype photo, though a poor quality one,

the wood timbering was pretty obvious. My first reaction was as yours "wow, that’s going

to eat that timber up" I planned on putting a steel “rub plate” on top but as I was getting ready

to do that it dawned on me. That is steel on steel, that could wear a notch in the boom

framing members, probably not a good thing. I am going to mount another small timber on top

and consider it a sacrificial piece, probably what the prototype did.


Thanks for sharing another of your wonderful models


Great Job Rick! The pair looks fantastic!

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Another one back from limbo.

And another gorgeous one, I hadn’t seen this before.
Thanks Rick.

Another one back from limbo.

And fun they are to see! Looks good!