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Angry Beaver Logging Railway Micro

I love it Vic. All the details you keep adding really bring it to life. Try Tractor Supply they should be getting their toys in for the holiday. Their hunting sets have perfect animals.

Our Tractor Supply is still under construction!

Vic, I’m gone a few months and now I see what I have been missing! Looking good!

That Cosmic Hole gets around a lot or I have a personal one…

Looking Fun!


Tractor Supply? Haven’t seen one of them in Pasadena :wink:

I think the Tractor Supply we are getting in Hesperia is the first or one of the first in California.

Not many tractors in Pasadena, make that ‘any’ :wink:

Up here they tend to use them to grade their roads so they can drive fast!

Vic Smith said:

Tractor Supply? Haven’t seen one of them in Pasadena :wink:

According to the Tractor Supply web site, there’s one in North Hollywood, CA. That’s not too far away, is it? You need to get out some more, Vic. (

NoHo? surprised its not more out in Horsie Country on the west Valley.

I’ve managed between the Ebay and Michaels to pretty much get most of the fuzzie creatures I was after, I also went to my ‘Go To’ store for miniatures, Folk Tree, which specializes in miniatures for Dia de los Muertes diorama alters and got me a dog that repainted as a coyote, a cool ceramic snake and a pair of skunks which I’ll use instead of a raccoon. Also a small Pachycephalosaurus, well thats what Google says it is, which is now dining deep in the undergrowth. I still need to pick up two more sets from Woodland Scenics, their Bear Family set and an engine crew set that looks pretty close to a pair of lumberjacks. Still need to ballast the tracks, hopefully this weekend.

Tractor Supply in North Hollywood?

The Angry Beaver on the road at the 2016 Great Train Show in Costa Mesa

Great video Vic, Needs to be longer.(

As of today, the Angry Beaver has been SOLD! (…and delivered to an extremely nice couple in Etiwanda :relaxed:

I met them at the BTS, they were very taken with the Beaver, and after the show they made me on offer and I said yes! I needed to finish the ballasting which I did last week so today I drove it over to them. I also delivered the HLW Angry Beaver Betsy steam loco, an LGB logging car and a bashed caboose. I am very glad that it’s going to be with people who really enjoy it.

Now, I have room for the next G mini pizza. I have already started cutting foam, this next one will be an experiment using Gargraves flextrack which I have had for a while. I also recently picked up a Llagas Creek code 250 track bender, but that’s for future use. But back to the new pizza, can you say: Schmatterhoern?

Vic Smith said:

As of today, the Angry Beaver has been SOLD! (

I am very glad that it’s going to be with people who really enjoy it.

I wanna move West where selling Angry Beavers is not punishable and still allowed by law! (Pennsyltuckey has to many law makers)

I understand and congrats on the sale Vic!

you can say it… but it does not make any sense

there is a mountain named “Matterhorn” i.e. the Horn of (the place) Matt.

“schmatter” would be a dialekt expression for mud.

“schmettern” = to blare / (the) “Schmettern” = the clangor

“hoern” makes no sense.

you could use “Schmetterhorn” = the blaring horn

more questions? just ask

edit: or use “squatterhorn” and put your two storey outhouse on top…

Just what’s wrong with ‘blaring muddy horn’ ??? That’s what you get eating too much sauerkraut and eisbein (

wouldn’t that be horny schm…?

so you are going to build the Schmetterschmatterhorn?

edit: btw, the german sch is pronounced like the english sh.

That would take up too much room on the name placard. Maybe I should call it the Schitterhorn

yeah… that would be understood on both sides of the water.

there is a mountain in germany called Zugspitze.

Zug = train

Spitze = point (as in spearpoint)