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Angry Beaver Logging Railway Micro

Angry Beaver Logging Railway Micro

New micro-layout underway, this is 24” x 24” using a 21” dia Aristo circle track, blue foam mountains shaped and carved with a hot wire and hot knife tools. This will eventually be covered in tall pine trees and I will fabricate the trestle bridge in place under the tracks once the rocks are painted up. Currently the foam has its base coat of paint applied; only the top has been painted in these pics.

I held off any pics of these because I royally screwed up the base of the canyon by using spray foam to try and create a faux-rock canyon face and bottom, it was a disaster, so I cut a lot of it out and that only made it worse as the foam was very bubbly. The fix consisted of adding small blue foam pieces over the removed spray foam on the canyon face and frosting the base with spackling paste to fill in the spray bubbles and smooth out the base. Now that its painted it looks far better so with that fixing I will be moving on with the construction.

The top painted piece in the pics is removable to accommodate transporting. The main reason for building this is the idea that at some venues I simply cannot get the Borracho pizza in and out without severely damaging the layout each time. So the idea is that at those shows, I can bring this and maybe my other 24x24 pizza layout to those shows because I can carry these in and out easily on my own and will more easily fit in my car for transport. We’ll see, no push on completion, I’m taking my time with no deadlines.

Wow, I can tell this is going to be something to watch. (

I like where this is going :smiley: can’t wait to see what you do with this

Looking forward to your take on this theme. I’m also just have to laugh when you say you’re going to take your time on it. Your slow far exceeds my fastest fast!

As always I am on the edge of my seat as i watch a master at work.

what track diameter have you chosen this time?

well, reach me the popcorn, please. i’m going to watch another little big layout.

Korm, its an Aristo 21" dia circle, my next to last one.

Yanno, with all the Micro layouts you build, you should connect them all with an interchange track… (

Move over, make room, I gotta sit down. This is gonna be good!

I like it Vic. I cant wait to see what you do with this one. Im guessing a beaver will be in it somewhere.

base work of the trestle is complete, I need next to finish the base rock painting, but getting this in place was a big step. I had to build it in place, I built the bents was basic measurements, wedged a couple pieces of wood under the track then wedged the bents into the foam w/ glue and raised them up hard against the wood spacers and the track, once the bent was dried I would add the stringer beams between the bents, one bent at a time, till it was done, I will add braces between the bents once painting and landscape scenery is installed.

I’ll be interested to see what stock you run on this.

Updates got the base paint down, two shades.

Bought a Lot of scale trees on Ebay, these are 15-24" tall

Still a ton of scenery to do before I can put them on, lots to do, no hurry, no deadline.

busy beaver…

I see a bearded mountain man carrying something on a tray.
Vic Smith said:[IMG][/IMG]

I love the sign. Just an idea. You should frame around the bottom edge, just above the handle with small sticks. Carve each end like a beaver chewed it.


Shawn maybe… I was thinking down the line to try and line the wood base with bark of some kind. And replace the handles with Adirondack wood style ones.

That’s a ways off though, I’m more concerned with deciding how to attack the forest floor, all the pics I’m looking at show a massive amount of deadfall, needles, small undergrowth, etc. and almost every surface that can hold something has something growing out of it. bit different from my desert scenery I’m used to.

Maybe the forest floor should be a wetlands…with signs of beaver everywhere?


some oregano, or other kitchen weeds (the dried kind in plastic bags) plus a mixer makes fine forest floor.

Curley grass ferns would be the obvious choice.

But fiddlehead ferns could also do in a pinch.