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Angry Beaver Logging Railway Micro

i got it!

Schietspitze pronounced sheetspittse

(point of sh!t)

or how about “Brunzhorn”?


i am visulising that:

a steep mountain, the obligate mini circle and only outhouses as buildings

re edit: and as train a draisine with a copy of my maintenance of crew outhouse car

re-re-edit: replaced the missing pics in the link

Vic Smith said:

Just what’s wrong with ‘blaring muddy horn’ ??? That’s what you get eating too much sauerkraut and eisbein (

I like this, to celebrate/ commiserate the coming mudslides to all the new burn areas.


Updated this today, to include record pics I have now placed here. with a few others here.

I will update my other posts as time allows.

Luv it!

You’re the Master of the Micro!

I agree, so neat looking Vic. You’re the Czar of the 'Za!

Do you have all your other micro’s on display together somewhere? Or were those all sold as well?

I only sold the one, the rest are here and there, the smaller ones are inside the house.

Another video from the 2016 BTS in Ontario, showing the Hekawe and Angry Beaver layouts

I love it. Ill take this over any large layout any day.

I agree Shawn. My next task is to take down the outside layout and move indoors! I started on my research today!