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Angry Beaver Logging Railway Micro

Vic, i am constantly looking out for these cheap bags of zoo- or farm animals from china. they normally are filled with figures ranging from 1:50 up to 1:20.

i take out, what i need/want and store the rest for the next children’s birthday.

but to be honest, the ownly squirrel, i found was about 1:15…

Pics finally:

Still have to add the ballast, I stained the kitty litter today and its now drying in the last of the summer heat. Coming together nicely.

Most excellent work.

Love the trees, any info on them?(

Ron Tremblay said:

Love the trees, any info on them?(

Ron, 2 tall Sequoias are from Grand Central Gems, the small sequoia are from JTT scenery, but most of them, the ones on the top I got on Ebay from someone selling off stuff from a dismantled layout, I don’t know who made them. I may still add a pair of tall lodgepole pine trees from Grand Central Gems I saw at a LHS. The things are pricey though so I am spacing out my purchases.

Vic, Thanks for the info.(

That is really cool vic! It looks like it will e a little tricky to take toto shows being so tall.

Eric Schade said:

That is really cool vic! It looks like it will e a little tricky to take to shows being so tall.

Eric the top part is removable, in the first post of this thread in the first pic the removable section is painted, the rest of the layout had yet to be painted.

Ron Tremblay said:

Vic, Thanks for the info.(

Re the trees from Ebay. I checked the Ebay record and the seller mentioned them being by Timberline Scenery, I looked at the website and they look to be the same ones.

Vic, Thanks again for the info. Wish I had known about the two web sights before I built most of my trees for my Micro. But it gave me something to do last winter.(

Nice job Vic! I love how you can have so much fun in such a small space. Someday maybe you can cut in some switches and tie them together to make a modular (

On a whim I stopped by Michaels and found that the Lemax Christmas stuff had a set that includes two squirrels and a fox, and another with two squirrels on a stump, they are the right size but are the ugliest painted animals I have ever seen. The squirrels look like they were painted by someone who had never seen any sort of animal before let alone a squirrel and the fox looks like a Golden Retriever, oy vey finest Chinese prisoner workmanship…where’s my piant :wink:

very nice job Vic, thanks for sharing your post


Vic, don’t you want some action on that layout?

taking in account the name of the layout, and, where you placed the beaver…

… it might look nice, if you would take a rasp to one of the trestle-feet. (just a half finished beaver’s work)

Korm I have done that, the leg next to the beaver has received a severe nibbling :wink:

Furry fuzzy woodland creatures

Foxy Woxie, after his repaint, some of his Golden Retrieverness still coming thru…

FoxyWoxie had to recieve a new tail. I was cutting him off the base when it snapped off and broke the tail off in the process and into the dimensional portal that seams to exist under every workbench. So I had to improvise, the tree stump I bought had the bushy tail of a squirrel sticking out of the stump, I cut it off and added it to Foxy. the Lemax sets also included these rabbits which also needed a little paint.

oops! i didn’t see that.

but isn’t it reassuring, that sick minds work alike?


the close-ups of the animals show your spicey landscaping too.

very realistic!!


Were is the Beaver chewed stump?


Only way to tell if beavers are there!

Need foam frothing from his mouth like he has rabies

Love it!(