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Angry Beaver Logging Railway Micro

Wow Steve you like Mozzarella so much you posted it twice? LOL (

I’m sticking the trees on the upper part in it right now. I like the looks but I’m uncertain about the adhesive method to use, right now they are just stick in with friction so I can get the look right, I might use the same PowerGrip adhesive I used for the foam itself. I also have to test run locos on it when I place trees down on the lower half to make sure I have the clearances, also I have to look at possibly cutting one or two of my tall trees in half and trimming them to make smaller trees. So far the results look promising.

Mozzarella gives me the hiccoughs. (

Wild Bill? (

My neck of the woods we go with ‘hiccups’…

Just sayin’.



Aw shucks I made myself laff at Wild Bill Hiccough … (

pull the time slider to 4:00 … Why Cough?

I thought you meant Wild Bill Hiccat

No, this is a Pascetti western.

I prefer this one…(

Doesn’t take this crew long to get derailed, does it? (

Well I’ve been putting the rest the trees on and its starting to take nice shape. I’m going to need a few more small trees on the lower part but its getting nice and crowded.

This is what I’m sort of going for, only much much smaller.

Here you go…(

Pics please.(

Added the last trees, adding the undergrowth, test ran a train last night for clearances. this thing is close to almost finished but I need scale animals next. I already have an angry beaver, a couple deer, I can get a family of b’ahrs but nothing like squirrels, or se-kwa-erreels as the germans would say.

I am in need some squirrels, an owl, and a raccoon (basically any small size G scale woodland creatures) any suggestions where to look? Ebay and LarryGscale came up short, everything there is 1" scale.

A.C. Moore or Micheal craft stores .

Sean that’s where I got the dear from (Michael’s) same issue, most of the small animals are 1"=1’ scale and a G scale 3’ tall squirrel is just a bit terrifying (

How about Tractor supply, Target, Wal-Mart, Toys are Us, Dollar store, Paper store (or Party store) any place like that ?

How many stores can you come up with everyone! (

With Walmart already putting holiday stuff out, look in the Christmas section where they have the Christmas houses. I’ve found “scenes” that have various small animals - dogs, cats, tree rats - that are close to scale.