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A different Railtruck

Short answer, yes. add some filler


I did a railtruck (not car) that was mostly scratchbuilt but relied on a 1:24 plastic model for the cab. You can see the build here on LSC:

Here’s a picture or 3:

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If I could find a cheap Bachmann railtruck, I’d kitbash my next rail truck project…

There are a lot of 1:24 and 1:25 scale models. When I was a car modeler I stuck almost exclusively to these scales. And they work great in our hobby. right between 1:20 and 1:29.

All this talk really makes me want to turn my Chevy COE into one.

Hey Jim,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your original post. It’s easy to be captivated by impressive models and immediately say "Wow, I could never do that! However, your detailed account achieved two crucial things:

  1. It demystified the kitbashing process, revealing the intricate thought and effort invested. So, now I’m saying “Wow, I might be able to do something like that!”
  2. It weaved a captivating narrative about life along the Durango & Jasper.

Great job! Definitely a MasterClass!

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Yea, they are not cheap anymore. When I did mine Bachman was blowing them out for like 75 bucks each.
Ken Brunt and I each bought some and developed some kit bashed trucks.

Mine are here. Rail Truck Bash, Again, sigh.

I had forgotten we had converted Dodge in Broken Hill at the Tramway Museum IMG_7883

…maybe a good place to start?

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1950’s Chevy COE? As they say on the truck forum I read, “pictures or it didn’t happen” :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Please, lets see this unfinished COE.

Did you know, starting in 1952 you could get a Detroit 2 stroke oil burner diesel in your GMC, COE?

Yea, I have Ken’s two in my collection now. I want to keep them as unmolested as possible (adding sound to the one that doesn’t have it)



I thought that Todd built one for a Mik many years ago…

I did. It was the year you sent out flat car kits as a starter. I saw a neat MAC speeder in a book about logging trains and built mine to resemble it.

Rail trucks are really cool and so unique.

Here is a bash I did using a Bachmann rail truck and a LGB box.

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Wait I didn’t mean a real one. I am talking a 1:25 scale model. And all I have is the cab. I am thinking of making a Gscale COE railtruck,

These are the two I got from Ken’s estate. Rear one needs sound, but I have the parts.

I also have Goose 2, 5 and 6. I’d like a full set of the Geese, but I’m not made of money at this point.

This is turning into a railtruck/car vanity show. I’ve done some which have been posted here - let me see if I can find pictures.

This is a NENG kit (Model T?) that I tidied up and got working:

Then there was the railcar, whose origins are murky:

There was the monster railtruck, which was the front of a Bachmann railtruck with a boxcar melded to the back. I had to build a new rear truck :

This is the NENG railtruck, with a yellow Bachmann railtruck and my 1:20 Chevy (?) truck and a fake chassis. The latter is still un-powered.

A fun trip down memory lane.


OK, just for fun I went and dug them all out and took quick pictures.

A heavily bashed NENG kit from way back, probably 20 years. Still track power.

Just finished this one a year or so ago, build thread is here somewhere. Battery, RC, Sound.

Another oldie. 34’ Ford diecast with scratch built frame and box, Aristo motor block. Battery. RC, Sound

The 2 Bachmann trucks pretty heavily modified and scratched bodies. Battery, RC, Sound.


I’m not sure this qualifies as a railcar but I threw it on here anyway because,well why not?

Anybody else want to jump in here?
Let’s see them.


not mine.

a build by one of the old masters: Chris Walas.

(the pic is bad quality, but the originals all disapeared from the net)


Yea, Chris offered us a lot over too short a span of time.

for his missing pics i blame the gremlins. :thinking:

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Gremlins, maybe. But I’m afraid I would be a little less charitable and lay the fault directly in the laps of the newest owners of that other place.

Open that up to a MOW equipment and I’d be on board. I’ve got a few pieces of unique equipment on the someday do list.

Nah knowing a year in advance would be cheating. :joy: Or would the hardest part be not starting? Or have a non MIK MIK build. No money limit, the time frame is the 335 days between the MIK builds…

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Midsummer MasterClass?
Part one, Kitbashing same project… (could be difficult for OS Centralians)
Part two, pimp your rail truck?

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