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Rail Truck Bash, Again, sigh.

Back in November Ken Brunt posted a RT bash he had just completed and mentioned that Train World had them on sale. I had never bought one because I already had a couple of home made rail trucks but for the price I couldn’t resist.

A couple of weeks later these showed up on the SP. I had plans to convert one to a school bus and the other to an ambulance. I decided on the school bus as the first project.

The first step was partial dis-assembly and getting the correct KD mounting height/platform and cutting it into the cast bed.

Next I dis-assembled the RT cab saving just the firewall and windshield for reuse. Then I did a card stock mock-up of the body to get the feel for the look I was trying for. I removed the plastic sander cans only to discover that the inner form is part of the chassis casting so they will have to be ground out.

By the way, what is up with these sander cans, if that is what they are? Over the front non driven wheels, really. What was the driver supposed to do, get out and use his coffee cup to scoop out some sand and walk back and throw it under the drive wheels?

Anyway those cans had to go. While I was at it I shortened the pilot deck as much as possible and still be able to get full swing on the front truck. Re-mounting the pilot turned out easier than I thought it would be, later pictures.


The “frame” completely stripped and all electronics gutted, ready for the build to start. The wiring that you see is the motor leads and the headlights. The factory LED headlights just weren’t bright enough for me so I ended up replacing them with some after market warm white color that dropped right in.

That’s all for tonight.

Thanks for taking a look.


I like your bus idea. looking forward to your progress.
Don’t forget to repair the fault while you have it apart to tighten down the gear box so it won’t destroy itself.

Oh Lord I PRAY that I will never need Rick Marty’s ambulance services


This oughta be fun to watch…:wink:

Good start, and I like the bus idea

Great start, Rick… I have one sitting on a shelf waiting for the inspiration bug to bite…

I’m hoping to use one of the REVOLUTION HO receivers when they finally arrive on the market.

I’ll be following the progress to get ideas… :slight_smile:

Nice so far

Thanks guys,

Yea, tightening the bearing cap was the first thing to be done when I started the tear down.


an ambulance of some sort was pretty common on the larger logging rail companies.

If a logger was injured in the woods it could be anywhere from 20-50 miles to the nearest medical help beyond basic first aid. Injured at 7 AM you might not get to a hospital until late that afternoon, probably one of the reasons there were so many fatalities in the logging woods. But, it was better than nothing;)

More progress pictures.

A new base platform was built of Styrene to sit on and slip over the edges of the truck bed/deck this will allow the new body to be fastened to it rather than the cast metal bed. I decided to not model an interior this will make it much easier dealing with the speaker and wiring not to mention a lot less work.

The roof was built by heating the roof sheet in boiling water and forming to a piece of 5" pipe, then welding to ribs of the correct conture. Signage is being checked for decal making and the door hinges, made from styrene, are in place, the door handles will be used from the original truck doors.

.020 Styrene was glued over the fender/running boards to cover up the grinding marks, they just clear the opening operation of the hood sides.

Here you can see the roof ribs on the inside. The two holes, front and back, are for the lag bolts that will hold the roof solid to the body. The fitting of the new body to the original windshield/firewall came out pretty good.

A half round edge trim has been added to the fenders and all the black painting is done. This clearly shows the new 2mm Styrene deck in place it is held by 4 screws that come up through the stake pockets on the trucks cast metal bed. The square box is the speaker enclosure, it was a lot of fun drilling, cutting, and filing out the hole in the cast metal deck for the speaker. The hole size was limited by the area available between the frame mambers and the rear diffrential mounts.

The wiring is complete including the new LED headlights, the resistors for them are those little black lumps in the wiring tangle. The pigtail plug goes down through the deck and hangs just below the coupler to plug into the battery/rc/sound trail car.

That about covers it so far now.

Thanks for taking a look.

I hope your getting the Phoenix Goose sound card for that…:wink:

I managed to fit all the RC stuff in the van, but then again, it’s enclosed and ya can’t see it.

On the other hand…

that is looking good keep posting


That’s looking good. Great bash.

Now that is slick!

While I agree with your decision to NOT do any interior detail, you might want to consider at least a driver, and perhaps just a few passengers - probably without any legs.

While you really can’t see into mine, I think it adds a bit to see a body in place.




Ah, c’mon, Cale, Trainworld had’em on sale, man, get a couple…:wink:

Morning all,


The Phoenix Goose card is already in the trail car and works perfect with the Bachmann rail truck


I love that “double decker” !!


I may have to consider the driver.


What is 1 to 22 point 5??:wink:

On to the finish up pictures.

Here she is with just a light weathering. The windows, excluding the windshield, have been lightly fogged to obscure the interiors lack of detail.

Running here with the trail car. I think I will build a new “cover” for the trail car that is an auxiliary bus, would probably look better.

Well that finishes it up

I may install a driver because he could be seen

through the windshield.


Now that sure turned out nice! You may not even need a driver. I know you can tell in the closeups, but now I’m wondering if you would even notice when you’re watching it run.

Either way, it’s a very distinctive model - I like it a lot.


following Bruce here, but what about some Silhouettes placed throughout. With the frosted glass you’d not see the lack of detail, but it could give it an occupied ‘feel’

Beautiful work! Inspiring!


It’s amazing what a little imagination can do for those things…Nice!