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A different Railtruck



I thought that Todd built one for a Mik many years ago…

I did. It was the year you sent out flat car kits as a starter. I saw a neat MAC speeder in a book about logging trains and built mine to resemble it.

Rail trucks are really cool and so unique.

Here is a bash I did using a Bachmann rail truck and a LGB box.

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Wait I didn’t mean a real one. I am talking a 1:25 scale model. And all I have is the cab. I am thinking of making a Gscale COE railtruck,

These are the two I got from Ken’s estate. Rear one needs sound, but I have the parts.

I also have Goose 2, 5 and 6. I’d like a full set of the Geese, but I’m not made of money at this point.

This is turning into a railtruck/car vanity show. I’ve done some which have been posted here - let me see if I can find pictures.

This is a NENG kit (Model T?) that I tidied up and got working:

Then there was the railcar, whose origins are murky:

There was the monster railtruck, which was the front of a Bachmann railtruck with a boxcar melded to the back. I had to build a new rear truck :

This is the NENG railtruck, with a yellow Bachmann railtruck and my 1:20 Chevy (?) truck and a fake chassis. The latter is still un-powered.

A fun trip down memory lane.


OK, just for fun I went and dug them all out and took quick pictures.

A heavily bashed NENG kit from way back, probably 20 years. Still track power.

Just finished this one a year or so ago, build thread is here somewhere. Battery, RC, Sound.

Another oldie. 34’ Ford diecast with scratch built frame and box, Aristo motor block. Battery. RC, Sound

The 2 Bachmann trucks pretty heavily modified and scratched bodies. Battery, RC, Sound.


I’m not sure this qualifies as a railcar but I threw it on here anyway because,well why not?

Anybody else want to jump in here?
Let’s see them.


not mine.

a build by one of the old masters: Chris Walas.

(the pic is bad quality, but the originals all disapeared from the net)


Yea, Chris offered us a lot over too short a span of time.

for his missing pics i blame the gremlins. :thinking:

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Gremlins, maybe. But I’m afraid I would be a little less charitable and lay the fault directly in the laps of the newest owners of that other place.

Open that up to a MOW equipment and I’d be on board. I’ve got a few pieces of unique equipment on the someday do list.

Nah knowing a year in advance would be cheating. :joy: Or would the hardest part be not starting? Or have a non MIK MIK build. No money limit, the time frame is the 335 days between the MIK builds…

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Midsummer MasterClass?
Part one, Kitbashing same project… (could be difficult for OS Centralians)
Part two, pimp your rail truck?

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This thread is stupid. I already have way to many other projects I want to work on but now I want to put them all off to the side and start Devoning a railtruck.

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I have to totally agree. It’s quite unfair! I spent last night looking for model trucks, when I could have been misfiring my new pin nailer.

Do I need die cast?
Would plastic be too flimsy?
What happened to Revel and Monogram?
What brands do I need to steer away from?
How do I search for trucks to kitbash without going through eleventy-seven pages?
How come there are so many scales?
Am I going to need an airbrush?

Why are Pete, Rick, and Jim smiling?

So what is scale anyway? On the 45mm track there are trains made in at least 1:32, 1:29, 1:24 and 1:22.5 to name a few. The smaller trains on this track are considered standard gauge and the larger trains, narrow gauge. What are you running, one scale or a mix?

This post has me wanting to build a rail truck now. Is this an addiction? Anyway I have this un-built Hubley metal kit for a Ford model T. It is listed as 1:20 scale but my LGB 1:22.5 scale people will not fit the seat??? Again, what is scale?

Hubley is no longer making these, but e-bay will have some, built or un-built.

AMT is still making plastic models, but I think you would need to add a stiffer frame. Some of the other peeps who posted on this thread talked about getting a ready built rail truck or speeder chassis and kit bashing that.

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Of course yes! :rofl: Badger Patriot 105. Gravity feed, double action. Lifetime guarantee.

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Thanks Wayne,

I’m stuck between scales. My dad got me a Delton combination car & then a LGB mogul. That was the trigger that got me into trains. At the time, they looked okay together, and I probably was unaware that large scale was not standardised.

I mostly own 1:22.5 LGB and some 1:24 Delton and USA Train refers., BUT as Herself became involved, we now have a 1:20.3 Bachman and 1:20.3 AMS carriages x2 and for some reason one 1:32 modern UP “pretty” rail speeder.

My people are mainly Preiser. Some are reportedly 1:24 (cowboys & Indians) but most are 1:22.5, but I have some woodland scenic “G-scale”.

I suspect that as a rail truck travels by itself would not call attention to itself in a garden setting, but I think I would choose to avoid 1:29 to 1:32. So I guess to answer your question, I’d say 1:24 to 1:20.3 would be my aim. I’d prefer build something rugged enough to use in the garden.

completely in scratch at 1/22.5, brass body and wooden chassis, LGB wheels!


I went and had a look at, seems most of the photos there have gone as well, including Chris’. Sad - that site had work from some fantastic modellers.


You guys have been posting pics of some awesome looking rail trucks.
What is everyone using for motors to power?
My MAC speeder I built for the Mik started with a cheap RC car but I was never really happy with how it worked. I later tried a small motor used in robotics but it wasn’t geared properly. It works on the flat but grades, not so well.

This modern rail truck actually has an Aristo block under it but it still needs work on the fabricated pickups since it is track powered.

I started with the Bachmann Railtruck, but based mine on the EBT Motorcar. I started by using a cutoff wheel in my dremel, applying it to the frame. I don’t recall buying anything extra, but ended up making the body out of some styrene.

It went through a few changes along the way, but I sure do like the way it turned out.