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2024 Mik's Build Challenge

Gawd! I’d be stuck. I think until modern times most everything here, came from elsewhere.

I need to go to (my local) the Australian National Railway Museum to research this issue. BTW As a non-card carrying member in the Triple R (#52 in case I do get issued a badge) though, it does have a nice Roundy Round.

Wait a minute, I don’t think we did snow plows here. I’m not going to have a snow plow, Devon. (at least not until I read about making realistic snow from bean bag chairs, cat fur etc. on the LSC.)

OK you MIK NUTS… 1 AM Eastern, 12 AM Central, 11PM Mountain, 10PM Pacific, No clue on Hawaiian, and Bill down under, I think its Monday already, or something… I’m not staying up any longer… I think you all don’t really need to hear me say it… But anyway…

MIK 2024 has now officially started… GO You have 30 more days to get er done!


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  1. You can talk about Mik Club?

So who here on this list was crazy/stupid/dumb enough to start in the middle of the night?

I’m trying to brave up the courage to go out into the unheated garage.
We had a high of 16° and low of 14° yesterday in Port Orchard.
With wind-chill temp dropped to just around zero with a few dips into the negatives.

Brrr, but a lot warmer than Devon. No snow to even distract me by plowing…

Looking at the weather maps even Rick might be dropping to slightly above freezing down south!

I don’t want to venture into the garage. Been well below zero now for a couple days.

For Bill’s benefit of knowledge…

  1. Vic will always be the first done.
  2. I’ll over analyze and over plan barely finishing in time or not. And over complicate things
  3. Rick will produce a masterpiece in half the time and then realize he has time to add more because well why not.
  4. Devon will get started and start Devoning aka not finish
  5. The Mueller clan will pull all the stops to get the entire family except CINCHOUSE. Maybe she needs a push to get involved somehow?
  6. Bob’s a wildcard as he’s never participated…
  7. Dave will get going and then rush to finish and if he’s not done, he’ll extend the deadline for the rest of us in an attempt to get himself over the finish line…
  8. Cliff will watch from the sidelines tackling a project no one else in their right mind would do and somehow finish before the next MIK build while at the same time keeping a perfectly clean shop.

Who else did I miss?

I may or may not live up to that prediction :open_mouth:

wait…who the hell am I kidding :rofl:

OK … MIK NUTS… two weekends are gone already… and three to go…

It might be time for myself and a couple of others to kick it in gear…

We slow pokes are waiting for Vic to finish first so we have motivation to get done. No pressure Vic to be the first across the finish line. :roll_eyes:

Rules clarification Dave.

I ordered prior to Jan 1st some 3d resin but it didn’t show up on my doorstep until after the 1st. It’s probably only going to be a few dollars worth of printing anyway if that much but do I count this as a “cost” because it wasn’t on hand before the 1st? But at the same time I paid for prior to the 1st…

Let your conscience be your guide, following along with rule #1

LOL: How’s that for a cop out?
Have you run this before the Devon Circuit Court before appealing to the top?
Or would you like a jury of 12 Mik-Nuts first…
Frankly , My friend… I don’t give a Dammmmm… LOL
Have FUN!!!

Well shoot I was hoping the MIK court would fine me guilty and then the penalty would be a days extension for every dollar over. Darn.


Not that herself or I limit each other’s spending, but she does like to tell me how much she saved us by buying 3 pairs on sale, instead of coming back with the one pair of shoes she went out to buy.

Just a thought…

Couldn’t you claim it on any money you saved from the last Mik?

You did have some to roll over from 2023, didn’t you?


The funds were actually via Amazon gift cards from a teacher conference I attended last summer. :joy: So it really was “free” money. I got contacted a few times with the email of “hey participate in this session and we will give you a $50 Amazon card.” Considering I was already going to be there anyway… :laughing:

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Geez not sure when I became the Supreme Court Under MIK (SCUM for short).

Ahaa… Devon… Superior Circuitcourt Under Mik…

I’ll keep the supreme SCUM title to myself for now… Maybe someday you’ll get promoted…

what are you saying. . . I am lower SCUM than you. . .

Well gang… we are now Past the half way mark of MIK 2024… Is your build 1/2 done?

Mines not… I better stop working and get to playing…

Don’t be silly, of course not :grimacing:

I’m getting close to the halfway point if I close my eyes and pretend more is done. Hopefully a big push this weekend!