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WTB 2044, 2051 and 20310 Empty Boxes

Hello everyone,

I came into a few wonderful locos but without their boxes. Does anyone happen to have any they’d like to part with? Alternatively, does anyone have any suggestions for storage when boxes are hard to come by?


any boxes will do.

…and with generic boxes, you can add as many umlauts, as many times, as you want because, well, you can. :nerd_face:

…and sometimes you must


And for some maybe the Germans were wise old birds. :innocent: :rofl:

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is there a difference?

asking for a friend

Fair enough. Do you fill with packing materials as well? What about for placement, do you stand things on their wheels on the box bottom, or on a track or on their side? In my case, things will spend more time in storage than out of storage, hence my preference for proper packaging.

only, where i think, it is needed to protect fragile things like grab-irons.
often with styropor pieces from fridge, or electronic packages.
kitchensponges or rests of sponge matresses, or even crumpled paper.

most standing on the wheels. the track goes into other boxes.

being stored, nothing happens. it is the moving of the boxes and unpacking, where accidents occur.
if you don’t let anybody, but yourself do that, everything is fine.
(while damage done by others appears to be grave, your own accidents are generally perfectly explainable… )


I received my wooden lone star bridges from America 15 or so years ago and packed in spray foam. They survived both transcontinental transportation, 4 house moves, and attic storage. Ive pulled them out and placed them back in the same box without destroying the foam template numerous times.

Here’s a video👇

  • As Korm pointed out do something to the boxes, so you don’t accidentally throw them out.
  • If you use a white box, consider spelling your name backwards and put an umlaut over the first vowel, that’s your IKEA furniture name. (No one ever accidentally disposes unopened IKEA) :grin:


Hi Sënih :grin:,

This is brilliant! I very much like this idea of creating a custom storage solution with spray foam. As an added benefit this should make me less worried about if someone else ends up moving the boxes around. Thanks for the suggestion!


I do see LGB boxes on eBay from time to time, but usually the price of the box and shipping makes to cost high. I do look for them at train shows and our club does have members that discard their boxes, for several reasons that don’t make sense to me.

You see all the money you could have made, Rooster?
Insert picture of Rooster throwing out boxes HERE.

Is this the one you’re looking for Lou?

Somebody knows the exact picture I am talking about. Rooster outside the door of the Alcove at York stuffing an LGB box in a garbage can.