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WSRR 2022 Mik's Build Challenge Backwoods Station

I’ve really struggled this year trying to decide what to build. I love the category Dave chose as it lends itself to things I want to build and there’s the rub: too many things. My first thought was a coal dock but it would be too big. The one I want to build would have to be 10 feet or longer and I simply don’t have the room for that inside. My next thought was a car (rolling stock) repair shop but I don’t think I can get it built and detailed like I want in 30 days. In years past, I have bitten off more than I can build within the time limit so this year I decided to build on the small side.

I’m going to build a backwoods station that will sit on a platform that is about 20" x 9" and it will have a small passenger shelter, ticket office and an area for a little freight. Here is the napkin drawing:

Excuse the chicken scratch. An artist I am NOT!! More to come.

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Wow CAD. drawing that is ready for the printer!!! LOL

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Please tell me you are having as much trouble physically and ethically have a hard time resisting throwing this entire thing in Fusion and printing it all? As I think about each piece I can’t help but think " I can print that".

Yep, it’s crossed my mind, but I have told myself I can only print details like doors, windows, lamp shades, etc. let’s see how long that lasts :wink:

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I hear you. I started with the idea of no printed parts. That ain’t gonna last

Well with that drawing , he should be able to print up everything in a day after the green light!!!

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Pete, I doubt I could actually recreate that mess on the napkin with 3D modeling software, much less ask the printer to print it :grin:

We’ll have to see who gives in first :wink:

My guess is you. You will wake up before me based on time zone on the first day of the build and start designing and printing. Because if not I will beat you. I have already decided I can’t build this without 3D printing. The sand container at the top of the tower will be so much more awesome if I print it. Of course that is if my copper sheeting doesn’t arrive. I ordered a roll of copper to make my son hand hammered “Moscow Mule” mugs. If it arrives I might very well make the entire metal portion out of soldered copper.

I think the mechanical parts are perfect for printing. But I do like the copper idea, just don’t paint it :wink:. I know that wouldn’t be prototypical, but heck, if you’re going to paint it, may as well print it and save the copper.

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The boys in the shop got an early start this morning and through together a rough model of our backwoods station. Looks just like the original hand sketch.

Now off to the shop to mill some lumber.

Looking good!

But didn’t the original napkin sketch have a ROOF? :innocent:

Bruce, if you figured that out from the mess I called a sketch, you’re better than me :grin:. But yes, I just haven’t decided what I will use for roofing.

What are you considering for the roof?
LOTS of options…

Currently, all options are on the table. I’m thinking the 2 structures will have different materials.

Personally I’d rule out netting or mesh but your build your choice Dan. :sunglasses:

Now that would be cool …………. And ……… wet ………. Sometimes :wink:

Thats a cool little station. Now start splitting shingles.

Made some progress over last few days. Got the lumber milled.

Deck has been assembled with some of the flooring down and the station framing has been printed along with all the roof trusses.

Still need to decide on station siding and roofing material. I’m thinking one of the roofs will get cedar shingles. Probably T&G siding on the station.

get to splitting shingles. You made me now its your turn