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What happened?

My old computer failed a couple weeks ago, didn’t get this new beast up and running until yesterday. I check back here to get LSC integrated into the favorites…and I don’t recognize anything. The site appears to be jumbled. As I type this, the text appears in two places, with the one side stating this post looks similar to others. So…what is going on?

New software as of a week ago. The text to the right is your post preview.

Bob has been planning this change for possibly a year. Maybe you missed the posts. The new software has lots of great features.

Its actually a lot nicer and more user friendly platform. Like Jon said the left hand side is the edit side of your post and the right side is how it will appear when posted.

Picture posting is much much easier as you just drag the photo from your computer to where your typing and it will place it where the cursor is. On the overview side you can reduce the photo so it fits better and you can see it before you post.

The learning curve with the new platform is not bad. You will be in the swing of things in no time.

okay, give the photo thing a whirl…

but does it work with videos?

Wow…it actually removed the photo from my computer…

It removed it from your computer?

Yep. Pic is no longer on computer.

None of the rest of us have seen that. AFAIK the browser cannot delete files. Something else happened if the picture is gone, I am positive…

But it is hard to help without more info.

Perhaps you can copy a picture into a special folder and try uploading that copy to see if it happens again, and let us know the steps you took?

You can’t upload a video directly to LSC. You will need to upload to a video site like YouTube, then paste the video’s url to embed it in your post.

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I’m just guessing here but from the sound of it you no longer have to have your picture hosted on line to be able to place it in the forums???
That being the case I can just drag and drop or copy and paste from my computers Photo Gallery directly into a post and the picture will magically appear when posted??

Thanks for any clarification

Yep, that is correct, Rick.

Yep that’s right you got it.

BTW why does a post have to be 20 Characters?

Thanks a lot guy’s
Dang, wish I had known this sooner, oh well when it comes to computers I am used to being 3 laps back :smiley:

Devon: here’s a web page where people are discussing the pro’s and con’s of the min-character limit for posts. The 20 that we have is the default for the software but Bob could change it if he wants.

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Oh sure Jim. Take “their” side. I bet you voted for Jimmy Carter also. Lol

wait. I didn’t take a side. I just pointed you to a web page that talks about both sides. And who I voted for (and whether that was a good vote or not) is in the category of “none of your business” and “not on the LSC site” afaik.

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I’m just kidding Jim. I get it.

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Sorry Jim. My joke may have been in bad taste. I was 10 when Jimmy Carter left office. I have no opinion one way or the other. That was my poor attempt at humor.

I fully understand the link you posted and it did answer my question.

Sorry for the off color response

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not a problem, devon. it’s all good


well, trying a bad joke as well…
that’s Bob’s “chickenwire”.

the word “Amtrash” on its own isn’t long enough.

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The picture was not hosted online. Straight off a folder in my computer.

See what happens this time with a pic I had on Flickr… (109 Bytes) (109 Bytes)

second try from Flickr, separate windows[email protected]/49364539098/in/album-72157712612297077/