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Weekend steam on the W&Q

same train different loco. I havent run my manually controlled Fairymead for a while, and thought I would give her a turn on the line. sharp eyes may find inconsistancies with the train due to manual switching back at the new end of track in preparation for the second pass.

great video


Thank you for the video. I really enjoyed it.

Now that I have tried taking photos and videos of my own manually controlled live steamers, I have a greater appreciation of the skill/luck involved in getting good views. Minding the operation of the locomotive and getting good images of it running are still quite a challenge for me. I am just happy if I manage to catch the impression of movement.

Best Wishes, David Meashey

That Fairymead sure is pretty, and with the wide pilot beam and narrow cow catcher, it really makes the scale relationship to the track work. That curved trestle is pretty impressive too! I always enjoy your video.

Today was a nice warm and steamy day for a little running

Great video, Eric. Thanks for sharing.

The first warm day in a good while is the time to run a train. My modified Emma does the honors with a short Pulpwood train and Joe’s Charriot bringing up the rear.

Nice! love the very mature scenery.

Pete, yes mature is the right word…i had a tree blow down and cut it up for full scale timbers for a coach restoration project. I counted the growth rings, the tree was 160 years old! Beautiful white oak for the platform framing.

The scale trees have been ther 10 years or so.