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Weekend steam on the W&Q

i cleared off the leaves and sticks…well most of them anyhow…so I could run some trains

Great video, Eric. Thanks for sharing.


All I can say is WOW! I love your RR. (

Beautiful railroad! Great filming and video! Looks like you had a fun day. Thanks for sharing.

I had fun editing together the last video, I decided to play with some of the clips I had “in the can” from this last year or so…

snow today…

Nice job as always!

Eric Schade said:

snow today…

Keep it up there…(

Ken Brunt said:

Eric Schade said:

snow today…

Keep it up there…(

No balls !

Great video Eric!

I was waiting for a derailment looking at the track around 2:45 but you charged right up that hill no problem, though the passengers may have felt a bit sea sick. ( of the sea, I notice that the were no ships docked at the pier. They must all be safely moored indoors for winter. The layout still looks great.

Telephoto lenses do funny things, but the track is not perfect. I usually re-line it in the spring, storms, frost, growing tree roots and operations do their parts to giving it protothpical jiggles.

The local fishermman have caught all the fish and have moved on, one old timer keeps a lone lobster bouy at his old fish shack for old times sake! I do put out a ship or two for special events.

Eric, as always great stuff, but the moose powered car is still my favorite


They just get better! Very nice. Love the vertical boiler! What a kick.(

Great videos Eric and your spread about plowing in GR mag. was very good.

I ran a plow extra as the snow started yesterday. It mostly worked. not many derailments but some stalls and spinning drivers. these are the best scenes…

Have a great new year!

Ive been working on my new Accucraft Forney…7/8" scale. Ive learned a lot about it. it is not a runner right out of the box but with some work is a good runner. My buddy Steve came over with his engine and we got it running well too.

the first thing we did was change the gas jet and seal the air space around the burner under the firebox. then we modified the suspension to get more motion out of it so that it would track better. the jet buisiness worked well, the suspension was an improvement. we still took some spills, my track is a little rough yet even though I spent some time last week working on it.

we had a good time running together double headed. mine now has radio control which helped keep the speed within reason. I have also modified mine with a wooden cab etc. I cannot leave well enough alone.

one more video from last week just playing around with several locos and trains.

I ran some trains over the weekend, this is the Memorial Day Excursion double header.

I have been asked to share an overview of the W&Q, what better way than the view from the train?

Great video! Very impressed with the smoothness of your track. I felt rough ness would have really shown up with the camera overlooking the coupling of the two flat cars. Thanks for sharing.

Wow Awesome video Eric