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Weekend steam on the W&Q

The Snow plow was a REALLY awesome and hard work on your part, thanks for sharing

Great as always

Thanks all for the kind words! The track is in pretty good shape, since the first few weeks of lockdown when i spent some quality time outside. It could use some more work yet but i have lots of projects: new extention with long trestle, 1:20 scale coach for a freind, cutting some full scale trees which blew down, one oak i hope to saw for timbers for a full scale coach, typical lawn mowing and gardening, walks with the dog, a little kayaking and lately heading back to the museum for some full scale track work.

Ric Golding said:

Great video! Very impressed with the smoothness of your track. I felt rough ness would have really shown up with the camera overlooking the coupling of the two flat cars. Thanks for sharing.

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Thaanks for the encouragment guys! Ric, I wish the track was smoother!

these are some home made and modified critter locomotives pulling scratch built cars. all are 7/8" to the foot scale.

The little rail bus started life as an Accucraft Dora. I added the plow and wooden cab. the passenger car was modified to be a trailer. it was completely scratch built.

the beast with a large flywheel is a Regner Vincent. I added my own scratch built flywheel and smoke stack. the flywheel was cut on my then new CNC milling machine. the smokestack is a piece of brass tubing with a lathe turned finial for fun.

The shop built loging loco was almost completely scratch built. It uses a Graham steam engine (motor) with a scratch built boiler and running gear. My son and I each built one one Christmas break for his school project. I added some detail stuff since.

The little tipper cars or skips were scratch built using plywood and thin metal along with some wire and purchased wheel sets. I wrote an article for Garden Railways Magazine about building them. the hopper and large wooden tip car were started by freinds. the hopper was in pieces and required some imagination to finish. the tip car was a gift. i did some modifications to make it more rugged for my railway.

the hand car is completely scratch built. the wheels were CNC machined, scavenged gears transmit power from a miniature gear motor powered by a 9v battery. this too was written up in Garden Railways.

the figures are mostly hand modeled Sculpy clay except for the hand car guy who was carved from maple wood.


Your videos are great entertainment. Thank you for sharing. Good job on the railroad and good job on the videos.

I started building an extension to my railway in June, and is soon got too hot to do much, September and October saw the project mostly done.

The track continues from the former end turning loop into the woods, hits a big trestle which swings the track back on itself then it curves up behind my workshop ending by the door. it is a steady pull of about 1% until the little two bent curved trestle where it climbs more sharply until entering the final cut where it is probably 3%. the whole extension is at least as long as the original railway…leaving plenty of space for some cool stations and industries. it is completely in the forest and needs plenty of sweeping at this time of year…maybe I’ll build a rotary broom car of a blower or something…

Great Video as usual!


Where is the magic turntable?


My turntable from one year’s Mik’s challange will be installed at the new end of track to point the locos back the way they came.

When my friend, Otto, built his turntable, he used the base from one of those patio shade umbrellas for the pit. Just thought somebody else could benefit from that idea.

Best wishes, David Meashey

Awesome trackage along with the consist!

Enjoyed the video, well done…

Great video, Eric. Thanks for sharing your new RR expansion with us. I love the way it meanders through the forest.

I did some re-grading and trueing up of my line. The extension is longer than the original railway and climbing all the way. The top bit was really steep so my trains struggled. I regraded the track from the big trestle to the cut near the end as 1 1/2% rather than 1% hoping to reduce the grade at the top. it mostly worked, the last bit is still steep but less of it is too steep. This train made it all the way with a full tank of gas and full boiler on this little modified Emma. Up and back and back up again. I did stop for videos and ran back and forth a few times to re-shoot stuff but climbing the hill needs a good fire, so two complete trips is asking a lot for this little pony.

Oh h3ll YES!

Well done, Eric.