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Hi all, I had this water wagon kit I had picked up a couple years ago at the NNGC and it just seemed like a natural fit for a tender with the Marion Shovel. After looking the kit over and seeing that some of the pieces/parts were not prototypical and a lot of detail was omitted I made the decision to go ahead with assembly rather than start from scratch. I did add some detail and refine other kit parts, you know how it is, and came up with, what I hope, is a reasonable looking model. I have learned that I overlooked the correct type wheel hubs so will be going back to the shop to correct those and maybe add a little more minor detail. anyway if I can make it work here are a few pictures.










Thanks for taking a look. Rick

An updated picture showing the more correct hubs.


cool! It just needs a hand pump to fill it and transfer to the shovel.

Beautiful…I love that shovel!

The pics showing the shovel and bowser crossing the tracks are most realistic: I was almost there watching it.

Great models and pics Marty.

Yeah, that’s passable :slight_smile:

Rick Marty said:
and came up with, what I hope, is a reasonable looking model.


Looks good !

Excellent!!! :slight_smile:

Wow, that is nice!

Gee, I dunno, I see a missing rivet in there…

Seriously, a beautiful model. I love it.

That’s a very nice looking model. Great job. I like that shot of it on your RR.

Not my cup of tea so I can’t critique …however as the others have stated they are beautiful models indeed and the picture on the layout ices the cake. Very nice !

That is really cool. Nice work.

Yes for sure, great models and a realistic backdrop as well.

Hi all, I added the hubs by turning them from wood on the lathe but I only painted on the metal bands, I thought it might be too difficult, at least for me, to make them from metal. I also added the sign. Thanks for taking a look. Rick


The new hubs look fine.

Nice build Rick

WOW that’s real nice.
But you better get it off the tracks before it get hit by a speeding southbound.

Another thread brought back from the dead :grin:

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Funny that it did. I have been slowly working up a model of one of these in fusion for eventual printing. I have it about half designed. It looks very similar to that one.

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Wow, Rick. Never saw this before. Beautiful work…

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