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Visitor on the Shasta Pacific today

Jim Rowson stopped by for a few hours today on his way to an Oregon Coast vacation. We had lunch, talked shop and ran a few trains, had a great visit. It’s always nice to meet one of the forum members face to face. The weather was perfect and almost everything worked/ran like it was supposed to :smiley:

Jim bringing a short freight down from Hyampom to the bay.

Jim using the mill yard turntable to turn the engine and caboose before adding a car and heading back up the mountain.

Thanks for the great visit Jim, come back anytime.


Trying again (impoverished internet connection).

Thanks Rick for hosting me. Oodles Of fun. I will put pics in a separate post.

I managed to run a train without breaking anything!

Some pics from today…

Rick in his staging area.

Rick’s shockingly wonderful shop:

More random pics:


To quote what my dad used to tell me when I wanted something. (insert shop and layout).
“If I had that shop and layout and Rick had a feather, we would both be tickled.”

And more:



Thanks guys for all the pics, wow Rick what a layout and shop!!