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Photography road trip

As you may have seen, I’ve been on a road trip that allowed me to visit Rick Marty. After hanging with him (he is almost as nice as his shop is amazing :slight_smile: ), I went on for another 12 days or so taking pictures along the Oregon coast, within the Columbia River Gorge, and a few other spots including Crater Lake.

Other than too much driving (2200 miles in 13 days), it was a lot of fun. You can see all my pictures or just check out a few below:



Beautiful pictures, Jim! Oregon coast is quite scenic and a lovely drive.

The truck driver in me had to laugh a little ,2200 miles works to roughly average 170 a day, but I get it when your not used to doing a lot of driving being the road a lot is tiring.


Stunning photos of even more stunning landscape, Jim. Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah. I just don’t know how you truck drivers do it! I am a big fan of rest areas!

Jim, I have seen a lot of pictures of Crater Lake but that one is outstanding!!
Looks/sounds like you had a great trip.

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Thanks, Rick! Yup, lots-o-fun!

Besides my very enjoyable time with you and your wonderful wife (who is an amazing artist!) I also got to hang out with some ex-HP colleagues and even physically meet up with two high school alums that I strangely never met back in the day!

More Crater Lake:


Wow Jim, awesome photos what a great trip. It must have been nice to see what WATER looks like.

Thanks, Dan. Yeah, that water stuff is sure weird!

Be nice to have some that is not quite such a long drive away. You would be aghast at how low Shasta Lake is!