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Visitor on right of way

Awoke this morning to the little dog next door doing his usual morning yelping…but also heard a low moaning sound and even lower ones, so got up and looked out the window.

Sorry, I tried to add the photos of a bear and cubs that visited us this morning…Will have to learn how to post photos; did not think it was added to the thread…Bear was eventually reunited with the two or three cubs…all neighbours warned so no harm.


This should help…

Thank you, Joe, I was out all day yesterday so missed your helpful response. I will print it for future assistance and try again. I did post photos-but obviously wrongly as they disappeared and the thread was posted unfinished as I was trying to find the photos…Will try again, later. So I did try Sean!


Do. . . Or do not. There is no try.

Thank you Yoda!

Welcome, you are.

Joe Zullo said:

Thank you Yoda!


Ok, I tried Steve for two photos but only one would come up at a time…Thank you, Devon for your help. I had to cheat a bit which is why the photo may or may not work out but I may need the Force to guide me in the future…As stated, the bear and cubs in the tree-yet another photo I will not try, were crying to one another and woke us up. Cubs were up the tree and could not figure out how to get through our fence-mum climbed it several times until cubs figured out house next to tree had an open yard so happy family left after neighbours had watchful eyes as one never gets between momma and cubs… It is blackberry season here so lots of bears.


Very cool. Like the layout also. Would like to see more. All the big granite boulders looks interesting

Do you have bear visitors very often?

Ron, I would hope that most of them wear clothes.

Devon Sinsley said:
Very cool. Like the layout also. Would like to see more. All the big granite boulders looks interesting.
We also like to see more of your layout.. Loos great for the photo.

I did try to add some photos, but no go…How do you delete the photos in the freight shed-at this stage over my limit as need to figure out how to reduce size of photos and upload decent size. Computers to me are like VHS was to my dad! This is my second thread as timed out trying to load one photo and get rid of the others in my freight shed. Once competent, I might actually purchase more space.

Thank you for the comments on the layout. It has been in existence since the early nineties and grew from small loops. We live on the North Shore of Vancouver in the mountains, right on the ex-BC Rail line so it is a natural right of way for bears, coyotes, and the rare cougar. We have a fish pond with many gold fish and local red minnows who have managed to survive the raccoons and herons that regularly attend-raccoons nightly and herons in the spring. The layout is built on existing in site rock, and with the mountains there is no shortage of large and small rocks to build the rest of the layout on two to three feet elevation and higher toward the end of the garden towards the other ‘garden layout’-the railway. The layout is a longish double track loop that goes from the house to a new diebond loop which was built with the help of some live steam friends. I run both battery and live steam and am a member of the Greater Vancouver Garden Railway Club. If the video works, it is the work of a friend who was making 3D movies between his local movie career so it is somewhat dated.

Re the bears, we get them in numbers, particularly with the perfect weather we had for berries, a cool and somewhat wet summer. So lots around with cubs which is when they are dangerous. A young girl was severely mauled last night in one of the suburbs-also mountainous-her father and locals managed to grab her away from the sow who dragged her into the bushes on a well used local trail there. She had a cub and while most black bears scare easily, the mothers and cubs are dangerous, particularly when people get between them. She was killed and the cub was captured-its fate still to be decided.