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Since I got my drone last year, I’ve really been bitten by the videography bug. I’ve added some new equipment, including a DSLR with better video capability, a stabilizer, slider, etc. Anyway, here’s a short little video I just finished to showcase some of the flowers around our neighborhood:


Here’s a link if you can’t get it work here: **

I tried a few times Ray, but I keep getting an error.


No s in the address …

Hey Ray,

Nice video, have you tried using a Neutral Density Filter on your camera? What you want to introduce is Motion Blur by slowing the shutter speed and this will give you a Cinematic effect. The motion Blur blends each frame slightly for a smoother effect. i’m using Nd Filters on DJI Spark Drone and have noticed a difference. There are hundreds of tutorial videos on YouTube for almost and given camera. Some people don’t see the frame by frame stutter, I seem to see it in my train videos buy the slight jerky motion of the locomotive. here’s my test video.

Hi Dan. Yeah, I have the ND filters and use them on my Mavic. I’ve tried shooting at lower shutter speed (1/60 or 1/50) to get that “cinematic” effect, but was never happy with the results. To me it just looked blurry – I prefer a crisp image. So these days I’m usually shooting at 1/100th.

Also, I often like to use frames from the video as stills, and at the slower shutter speed the image quality isn’t good enough for that.

On this flower video, most of it was shot with my DSLR, and I don’t currently have ND filters for that, just the polarized filter.


I agree on picking frames out of video footage need to be sharp. I never use filters for my GoPro underwater videos. That way I don’t have to switch between video and still shots. Most of the time using ND filters the video is more panoramic in nature where a crisp individual shot wouldn’t be a goal. I just got the DJI Osmo Mobile 2, cant wait to play with that for my iphone and GoPro 6.

Keep those great desert videos coming.

Nicely done Ray.


Rivers of Light: Sorrento Valley

Time-lapse photography turns freeways into scenic rivers of light in my latest video!


“Strings” by Nenuache Audio

Very cool Ray


Here’s my latest “neighborhood” video, celebrating the beauty of an autumn night:

Good Video!

Thanks Ken and thanks Ray. Well done.

Thanks, Ken and Ric!

Very nice Ray, you’re a poet as well as an artist!

This is the latest addition to my ongoing series of videos celebrating the beauty of our neighborhood. In this video I take a look at some of the amazing fall foliage that can be seen right here in University City:

Thanks Ken. What are you doing differently to post the video?

There’s an “embed” code (< >) when you hit the Youtube “Share” button. In the video icon above, there’s also an “Embed” symbol you need to use. Just copy all the embed code from Youtube and paste in the Video icon.

Here’s what the code looks like: < iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“” frameborder=“0” allow=“autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen>

Any Safari browser users? Ray has it and our usual instructions don’t quite mesh.