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Pasting the embed code into the “insert video” icon doesn’t work at all for me. So I tried pasting it directly into the post. As far as I can tell, that works, but someone else will have to confirm this, since the previous method I used also “looked” like it was working on my end.

Ray, it’s there on the non secure side. It’s address is http, we need https. With that corrected it should appear.


Add the s when you paste it in the box or on the page

I don’t know what’s going on then… On my end, it had the “s” when I posted the embed code, and when I attempted to edit it just now, it shows that the “s” is still there. So as far as I can tell everything is as it is supposed to be. If it’s not showing up that way for anyone else, I don’t know what else to do.

Strange, when I ‘Inspect Element’ I capture this:

That makes me think you are capturing the page, rather than the vid.

Ray Dunakin said:

Here’s my latest “neighborhood” video, celebrating the beauty of an autumn night:

Now that shows up exactly as the one I posted below it.