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Vic's 2024 Mik's Challenge, Produce Exchange Transfer Shed

I found the small building I bashed several years ago and will incorporate it into a new shed/office structure. It will be based on the concept of the photo attached. It’s a fairly unique structure ya think? Mine will look a bit different as my building has a flat roof so will the shed. Next up napkin time.
Miks 2024 Warehouse frieght shed

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unique structure. should be fun watching it come to life.

Napkin sketch, Gathering material this weekend

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Very well done Vic… was that your 1st attempt, or just a final napkin transfer…?

My napkin was my third try…

Thanks, first attempt I rough out the basics then just keep filing in. My napkin was really course which made it harder to draw than past entrees.

Vic… 6 1/2 hours into Mik '24…
Are you done yet?

Funny Dave, I was going to complain it’s too cold to start until midday, then I read your post about it being 16° in your workshop, I’ll be taking starting pictures this morning :crazy_face:

Can we count on you to retain your title of “1st one to finish”? LOL

We’ll see Dave. First pics showing location and size. I’m reusing a small building project from the aborted first incarnation of the indoor layout. It’s built around a small cardboard box. The base is 1/4" ply scrap I had on hand luckily it was the right width but was a little longer than I planned, but that’s going to work better for the loading dock area. The location on the baseboard has 1/4" square stock glued and bradded down. All the the buildings on layout are removable so they can be worked on at a work table. Began work on the loading dock portion, waiting for stuff to dry.

I was just about to post the same thing! :joy:

Ah com’on guys, if I finish this by Monday night what am I gonna work on for the next 28 days? Gotta stretch it out till at least next weekend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You could post an aerial view of that 90 degree crossing…

I’ll look for the plan, last time I was up a ladder high enough to look down on something like that I fell off, broke my tailbone and was decommissioned for 3 months, so, I’ll skip the photos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just posting a pic of my “woodshop” and yes , it’s outside.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought I might have been a pain in the arse for asking! :face_with_head_bandage:

No worries Bill, here’s the plan view. There’s a building log in the indoor forum call "New Layout New Wreckless Experimentation " chronicling the whole history. Alot of early photos are gone so just check out the recent posts.

Work over the weekend. Got the base build of basswood and foamcore. The frame for the upper level and glued together with the building and added the roof foamcore.

Added textured paper around the base and will app popsicle stick decking.

I also found a scrap piece of facade detail so what the heck I added it as well

That’s quite cool.

When it looked like Australia’s last Train only store was closing, I snapped up a 90 degree crossing and have yet to figure out where I will put it. I really like that though it’s mainly point to point, you can run a roundy-round.

It’s quite weird ready the early comments when the photos are missing though. Glad I stayed to the end of the thread.

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Thanks, it started as a western mining layout, then I got the idea of doing an urban harborside terminal layout that got bogged down, I decided to go back to the original idea only adding the upper level of track. I will eventually add extensions that will create two more larger loops connecting the upper and lower levels

Some work this morning, it’s a balmy 50° in the garage this morning. I made a mistake when I placed the wood headers that the plywood base sets into. I forgot to account for the added width from the textured paper. Luckily there’s just enough wiggle room for it to still set in place. Anyway onto the work. Added the Popsicle stick decking and working on the underside of the upper section to add joists and cross members. Cut the opening for the stairway. The stairway I patiently added the supports and bracing. I was very fortunate to already have the precut dollhouse stairs I got for another building from last summer that I didn’t end up using. This constitutes the easiest part of the build. Next up is painting what I have. The beginning the support posts. I haven’t quite figured out how I will add them. I will probably install them on the upper level where I can control the points of connection better and add brad nails to the bottom of the posts that I can then use to mark and drill mounting holes into the base piece. Anyways, a couple pictures.