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U25B to U33B Kitbash

I abandoned this 2 years ago. But someone recently asked for the rear section files and I sent them to him. When I saw what he did with them, it prompted me to get back to my U25B to U33B (RBMN 3304). Now I’m certain it’s a bad idea! :laughing:!
Files shared on Printables Printables

I decided the speed sensors were an important detail to include. Maybe a bit overboard with the GE logo?


What did you use for the radiator screen?

Fine wire (.23mm) mesh (~1mm hole spacing) Stainless. Commonly known as 18 Mesh (18 wires per inch).

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I really like seeing top quality models and done with perfection, being a modeler first and a train runner second I know how much work you have put into your model, great work.

Nice looking loco,Dan, and the GE logo is a perfect finish detail. Is it a whole shell or a side on kit like your SD70 ACe ?

Beautiful. Love the GE logo. That is over the top cool and printed well.

Thanks Pete! The 3d printed parts replace sections of the model that must be removed or cut away. This shot may give you a better idea. Parts indicated with red arrows are original shell. I fixed the link. Printables

Thanks Devon! I use it as an example of why you really don’t need better than 2k for G scale prints. No Bachmann, USAT, AML or Aristo have any part finer than that.