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Tutorial for the Oldfashioned

For those among us, who (like me) prefer to have their pics on their own rented webspace.

basicly there are two options of space - “free” or rented.
“free” means advertisement funded. Your pics are just the excuse for an advertisement-site. They usually have no obligation to you or your pics.
rented means you pay some money and the provider keeps your content as safe as possible - as long as you pay. (a back-up on your own PC makes sense anyhow)

when you rent webspace, they offer you something called security certificates. for a price.
supposedly these certificates “protect” your content.
in reality the modern ransom hackers are not even slowed down by these certificates, if they go after your content.

so, what do these certificates do? - they change the URL (the address) of your pics.

the normal beginning of an URL is : http
with certificate that changes to: https
let’s try a simple http URL:
i inserted the URL to this text box, but the forum software added brackets, or shows a placeholder instead of showing the pic.
(the reader can open the pic in an extra tab)
if i insert the URL and add a “s” to the http, there we go:

so, by adding an “s”, we can make our pics visible.

the same applies for repairing the old posts. adding the “s” and delete the round brackets.
only difference - there might be some more signs directly to the left of the opening round bracket. they need to be eliminated too.

to cite Mr. Charlie Chaplin: Modern Times
(btw. the same happens on mls and gsc. modern software…)

Nice write up. If you want to display something that the forum interprets as a command, you can highlight it then click on the </> icon ‘pre-formatted text’ and the composer will leave it as typed as in

And I did find while repairing posts, you can leave all that extra info in place, just add the s to the url and it works.

I’m going to look at the Discourse website today to see if the composer has a search and replace function. A global one would be best as in find http:// and replace with https://

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Web searches for Discourse generally return administrator functions. I was unable to find a search and replace function in the standard Composer.

I did find that in Edit Mode I could highlight the entire text of a thread with the standard Windows command CTRL-A. Then Copy that text with CTRL-C then open my word processing software and Paste (CTRL-V) that text into a new document. Once in the word processor, a global search and replace to fix the URL was done. Then the entire updated text was highlighted and copied in the Word processor.

Returning to LSC, with all of the text still highlighted I hit the Delete key to remove it, then Paste the updated text from the word processor in it’s place. I then save the edit.

I wish I had discovered this before editing my NX-11 article with it’s numerous pics in one “thread”.

Well, I’m confused…to say the least.

I’m not even convinced that I can link to a post without it being stored on LSC. I know I CAN post it…

But NOT sure how I link to it? (The ORIGINAL really is on another site - in THIS case…and if the rates are REALLY low, maybe it doesn’t even matter since now it will NEVER disappear no matter WHAT I do in the future?)

Well Bruce, it’s as simple as the drag-n-drop if you know the URL. I copied this URL from your website[email protected] and then just pasted the URL here…

Interesting that I had to add the S to get it to display since your link that I followed to your site took me to the non-secure version.

By the way - That Mill sure looks a lot better all set up on your layout as it does sitting on my patio since Ken’s.

Like you, I did the drag and drop to get it to display…but now I’m wondering if there are two copies - one on the original site and one here. (It USED to be that only the original was kept, the new one was linked, but now I’m not sure…)

I’m too old to keep up with all this stuff! :nerd_face:

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Simple. If you Drag-N-Drop OR use the Upload button, the file is stored with Bob (and remains in the original place) . If you copy and paste the URL, the file is not copied, but is automatically linked and displayed.

Clear as mud, right?

Thanks, Jon.

It actually makes sense.

And here’s a picture via URL…

Neat! Thanks again!

Not quite! I see a place holder and if I click on it it takes me to the picture.

In order for the forum software to display it you need the https:// prefix. When I click on the URL its simply[email protected] BUT, when I copy it I get[email protected] which just needs the s in https://.

Ok, added the “s”… strange, since it looks just fine at my end…

I see it now. Are you perhaps still on the un-secure LSC page

EDIT: No, you can’t be as it automatically re-directs to the https:// site.

The mysteries of the great computer! :crazy_face:

OK, I think I have some of this figured out.

I started repairing an old post " Birth of a 3 Trucker" but my pictures are on a CD so I load that and open the pictures then copy and paste them into the old thread and it seems to replace the unopenable URL with a new one and the picture. See here BIRTH OF A 3 TRUCKER

This could take a while though because there are a lot of pictures in that thread. Maybe someone knows an easier way.

I think you are stuck doing it that way Rick. Good rainy day project for when your don’t want to work on the sawmill :smiley:

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