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TrainOps 2022

Howdy folks

Its that time of year again, time to make plans to attend TrainOps 2022!

Weekend of July 22–24. Same-ish schedule, Run-what-ye-brung here on Friday, some kind of limited ops here on Saturday (RR is smaller, so it’ll only be a couple trains on the RR at once) and then Sunday at @Stan_Ames’s place.

Mark your calendars! Details to follow!

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Reservations made. Looking forward to it!

Bob, All,

will have the usual operations at the RGSNH on Friday morning as well

Al P.

I’m thinking that THIS year we will actually attend. Could you please PM me your address?

Interested in what details will be available later. We have never been to any of theses ops.

I don’t think that there will be much more in the way of “details”, but what do I know?

Basically, we run at Al’s on Friday, Bob’s on Saturday and over at Stan’s on Sunday. I have never been to Al’s, so can’t provide ANY details. Bob uses a switch list on his layout; Stan uses car cards. In either case, we typically pair up - one locomotive engineer and one conductor per train. Stan has DCC outside and more than enough locomotives to cover all the guests. I’m really NOT sure what Bob has as far as locomotives go, and I think he is ALL battery.

We generally go to some spot for breakfast on Sunday…
There’s typically food on Saturday and Sunday, usually at some cost per head,
but nobody starves!

I suspect that I left out something crucial… :innocent: What else would you like to know?

Just locations, I guess

So glad you picked the second half of the month as my Denver family will be here the week ending the 15th. We had to skip TrainOps the last time they visited in 2019. Going to the campground website now!

I’m also curious…
Addresses? Or at least town names?

Littleton, MA. I’ll let Bob and Al give addresses out privately.

The MinuteMan campground has been swallowed by a heavy marketing campground conglomerate. I tried to make reservations for Ric and I tonight via their new website, but when I get to checkout they want payment for two sites, 5 days each IN FULL!!! Not doing that. Tried to call and the recording says “Closed for Winter, open in May” and the voicemail box is full. I will try tomorrow during the day.

I think the change here will be to make it easier on us hosting. We often combine this with some garden tours here as well, and Martha takes care of that. Then we have to coordinate lunch and dinner. So I think this year will be something along the lines of “we will have some beverages, but please bring your own lunch” or somesuch. Havent quite figured it out.

And, yes, shoot me a message and I will send my address. I dont like it out publicly.

Turns out, according to the campground’s Social Media person, that the offices don’t open until May 15 and even if there was staff, the policy is pay in full, refund available if cancelled. Since they only had two sites together left, I bit the bullet and paid the man. Marilyn, Shadow and I will arrive sometime Thursday the 21st. Likely dinner at Kimball’s Thursday night and up to New Hampshire early Friday and heading back to Littleton in time to see folks at the Run-Wot-U-Brung. Really looking forward to this.

On Sunday morning we usually stop at Paul’s Diner for breakfast, and sometimes we even meet folks there. :innocent:

Pretty good food!

Jane and I would like to attend, but it all depends on how my health is… Have a lot of things to consider before we can make a commitment… Would have to have set up dialysis places in route and while up there…

Wow , less than 20 days out till the start of Trainops. At the RGSNH event on Friday July 22 Banta model works will have some of there large scale kits on display and for sale. I will also have a small selection of no cal drink mixes to sooth the parched throat, as i expect temps in the mid to upper 80’s. bring your own chair if you desire to sit, plenty of shade. expect to start after 9 am and go to? Need directions? please send a PM.

Al P.

Almost forgot, your Battery powered locomotives are most welcome.

Ex-RGS #41, the Kenneth E Brunt, works the first MOW train of the year in preparation for TrainOps.


What time do you want guest to arrive on Friday the 22nd ?

Any time after about noon works.

Unfortunately, Jane and I won’t be able to make it this year due to my health…