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Todd H. Mik2024

It is hard to believe the Build Challenge is here again but here we are. It is going to be great to watch all the ideas take shape.
Here is my official napkin sketch for the Mik 2024. I plan on building a grain tower style building that takes elements from the old and new. I’m working on designing the overall size and will try to keep this build within reason so a smaller footprint but I’m also thinking about putting a covered loading area on the backside that will accommodate 1 car so that will dictate the scale of the rest of the build. :thinking:

You gonna leave the sheep on the side of the silo?

That’s my coffee cup. I got it during a trip to Ireland. :grin:

Living in wheat country I see silos and elevators all over the place. Even though for the most part they basically look the same the one thing that does always catch my attention is the physical size and then layout configuration. Just like we do in our little world they 1:1 guys built stuff to fit available space. Can’t wait to see your take on it.

They are neat structures and they add a nice vertical presence to any RR. As usual with all of my builds liberties will be taken as pieces are selectively compressed but the overall theme will remain ( I hope) It will also be built tough to withstand the elements and the occasional leaf blower blasting 200mph winds at it so the details will be few and far between but if you squint and stand at least 5’ away it should look mint ( I hope) :laughing:

That is why my Mik builds are not close to edge of the layout !

Day one of the Mik and a great pile of sawdust was created and some tinkering on the design was done. That is all.

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A bit more tinkering and measuring, site planning and pre and post planning and head scratching and I am pleased to announce that I AM DONE! and in record time!
The rest of you guys can put down your tools since Dave will surely be announcing me as the first back to back winner in the history of the build challenge…? :grin:

Actually this is what I did today and I’m surprised that it is going to be a big building at 10"x14"x28" tall so I think I will make it a flat :grin:

Actually I got a bit further and this is where I am at as the glue dries. :grin: :sweat_smile:

Thats funny. I might get a lot more done if I just set cardboard boxes out and call them buildings. That one has built in advertising.

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Yep, that is the Toro leaf blower factory. Can I count on your vote Devon? :grin:
When I had HO trains as a kid I used blocks of wood for buildings so why not boxes in large scale? With the amount of crap my wife orders off Amazon I could have a city out on the RR! :joy:

Seriously though I used the box to get an idea of the size of the building and how it will look in the general area of where it might land.

The main structure is coming together with the help of the “Blue Crew”. The backside garage is built but not attached yet. This is where the train cars will go in to load and unload the cranberries. The silos will go on this facing side but next up is to build the addition on the opposite side. I’m thinking it will be 8x8 and maybe 16" tall with the same 30 degree pitched roof.

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wow some of you guys are screaming along. i feel like I am dragging feet.

Well this weekend was a bust for getting more done on the building. Instead, we got a bit of snow so I had to break out the plows and make a couple of videos of the action. :grin:
I did manage to 3D print 10 windows, thanks to a file from Dan Gilchrist. I don’t know if I will use them all on this build but what are the rules for 3D printing parts? How do I figure the cost of the filament?

I was also able to score a USAT Ocean Spray Cranberry boxcar off Ebay for $30 and the guy was local so I didn’t have to pay for shipping. The boxcar is not really part of this build but it will service it and probably be spotted at it year round.
This coming week I plan to start planking.

In this photo the bosses are seen marveling at the 3D technology that produced the windows.

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Todd, I see you are using leprechaun labour on this build. How many wishes do you have left?

Windows look good, Todd. Dan did a good job on the design, you did a good job on the printing. The filament cost is literally pennies for those windows. Well, unless you used some exotic filament that costs hundreds of dollars per kilogram :wink:

As the Devil’s advocate did you have the filament on hand prior to January 1st? Anything on hand prior to the start of the challenge does not count toward the project total. Some people have 4x8 sheets of styrene in their garage. Some people have a shop full of wood. Rules are rules. If you had the filament prior to January 1 then it is a zero in the expense column.

Now if you bought filament then add about 1 dollar.

If you input what you paid for the roll then the Slicer program will show the cost of the job. Probably about 25 cents each.

Umm was that directed at me? :roll_eyes:

As I pulled a sheet of 1/8", I realized I only have one more of that thickness left. Plenty of other sizes… Let’s not talk about the strip collection.