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Todd H. Mik 2023 Build

I have an issue with this years Mik Build Challenge. I don’t have a town let alone a down town but I figure If I build it they will come (by Train) to visit.
My first thought was an ice cream shop since we have so many in my area but then even better would be a type of shop that we here in the Northeast can find on every other corner in every town is a coffee shop and not just any coffee shop but a New England staple a Dunkin Donuts!
I thought about building a custom one and calling it “The Beached Bean” but then I remembered I have a boxcar I painted for Dunkin.
The boxcar.

I will have to do some research on building types that will convey the idea of a Dunkin Donuts before the napkin drawing but I have some ideas.


Great idea Todd! Someday I’d love to put a Dunks in my Rockwall Canyon terminal and a Tim Hortons in my (Candian) Pont Rocheux depot! Maybe have them served with boxcars from the same donut factory for laughs.

I like that idea, you should do it.

After looking at images of Dunkin Donut buildings I came up with this sketch.

I don’t have a downtown so now I’m thinking if I will be able to position this building somewhere on the RR to have a Drive Thru for the Train crews and passengers?

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Todd, Love the drive thru window at just the right height for a steamer to pull up to… Back head burritos!!

The first weekend for building is done and I didn’t get too far. I did manage to make a lot of saw dust when I ripped up a bunch of lumber for the build but I’m still working on the dimensions of the building.
I don’t build to a particular scale but I start with a door that is 2" wide by 4" tall and go from there. I started sketching out the building and putting in the measurements of the various pieces and the build got big at 16x16x16. That is HUGE!
I have now compressed it to be a more manageable and more easily placed on the RR, built 12x12x10" tall.
Off to a slow start here.

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Slow and steady wins the race Todd. Keep at it. I like the drive thru for trains. Will it be a stop and go affair or a grab and keep rolling one?

It would be funny to have a setup like they did back before radios when mail and train orders were put out so the crew could grab them as the train sped by.

I found this photo on Google images and it is what I am basing my design that is selectively compressed on.

The build is starting to come together as my mind gets wrapped around the process.

The frame is coming together.

The entrances and “towers” are being built out.

There is still lots to figure out but it is coming together.

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The cladding started going on this weekend and it is starting to look like something.

Here some of the fellas check out the progress. Sorry lil blue dude this place will be for coffee not beer.


Really taking shape. And an interesting shape it is! Nice job on the cladding, and really on everything!

Nice looking structure, Todd. I like the unique shape. Looks like you got a hard working crew there, well, except the blue chap.

looking like a solid start. Will be a nice looking building.

Great woodwork, Todd.

Thanks guys. More cladding went on and a roof piece of backer board has been cut to size. The first purchase has been made of 2 bottles of craft paint. There are several tones of brown on those towers. Another purchase is coming up of 2 Dunkin Donuts Decals.

Update: Primer is now on and I came up with a paint scheme. It is not exact but close enough.
The decals were a bit of a pain. I had a look on Amazon and found a pair for $9 but then shipping was another $9! That is crazy. I looked on Rebubble and they were pricey too plus they didn’t really have what I wanted. I found some on Ebay but at $7 each ! I finally found what will fit the bill and they should be here in a week. I thought about printing them out myself but since they are such a focal point I figured I should go with the pros and for $9 delivered I could swing it.
There is still so much to do!

starting to come along nice, Todd.

Looking good, Todd. Interested in seeing the decals when you get to that point.

It has been slow going but it is coming down to crunch time now with less than a week to go.

The crew has been busy painting.

The take out window took shape using plexiglass. Black pinstripes will go on to give the idea of a sliding window.

The decals arrived and now I need to figure out what to stick them too. I don’t want to stick them directly to the building. I’m thinking a piece of black styrene that is easy to trim. I have some but it is not thick enough. The plexi has been cut for the windows and doors but I will first finish the painting so I can then spray a good coat of clear on everything. I was thinking about mocking up an interior but time is running out. I also need to make the awnings.

For someone who started this challenge with “I have an issue with this years Mik Build Challenge.” :crazy_face: You are sure rockin’ it. This is coming out great.

Hopefully once the locals see that they have a brand new Duncan Donuts they will want to live close by and a town will spring up around it.

All kidding aside. This really is a very cool project and you are doing a right nice job on it.

Wow, that will be great looking addition to the layout