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Todd H. MIK 2022 Build

After thinking and pondering this years theme I decided to tackle something I have been wanting to build for years and that is a sand house. The space where it will go is tight so I will be limited to 6" wide by 20" long but that should be enough to do it justice. There won’t be a monstrosity of a build like last year! LOL!

The survey crew was out this morning taking measurements.

The official napkin sketch.


I LIKE it! NIce!

BUT, why not a COAL and sandhouse? (sorry, I’m emotionally invested in THIS)

That is a really neat structure Bruce and having the 2 in one would save on space but I already built a coaling tower for the 2018 MIK. It is placed near where the sand house will go. My main yard area is kind of tight.

Will you be building that?

Sort of did already…

But THAT was in HO…so…

I loved that coal house when you brought it to the LSC show and tell a long time ago at the ECLSTS. At the same show and tell I believe Johnny Chuff Chuff brought a wonderful Pickle Car-something I’d NEVER seen before!

Thanks for bring it back again!

Well here I go again. . .lol. first I get showed up my Rick Marty when he decides to build a crane car the same year i do. Now Todd is going to build the world’s first 100,000 square foot sand drying facility compared my sand shed.

And I am just teasing. The more the merrier. I can’t wait to see what we each come up with.

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Why do you keep posting this? I’m starting to take it personal even though you didn’t post it on my thread. . .then again why didn’t you post it on my thread. . . Am I not worthy?

Today’s progress. I cut a base for the building using a piece of plastic trim. Measurements are changing slightly from the napkin and will no doubt change again so no real building yet. It is a start. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here is some nice progress over the past few days. The framing is coming together. I usually build roofs with a 30 degrees angle but I thought a 45 would be better on this so I cut the pieces for that and glued them on. This morning I realized this was a mistake so I cut some of the bracing pieces and ripped off others with pliers. It was better than starting from scratch.
I’m planning on vertical boards with battens and using cedar shingles on the roof. I have never done a roof like that before.


looking good Todd. Just continue to stay one step ahead of me so I have techniques to copy. Love the sand bin :thinking:

Great progress, Todd. Can’t wait to see how you and Devon model the mechanical aspects of the sand house.

Thanks. As for the mechanical this will be living outdoors when done so the bits will be there to suggest the idea but your imagination will have to fill in the short comings. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Mine will be on the ceiling so you will have to use your imagination on mine as well. It won’t be a fine detail model.

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The weather broke today from the teens to temps in the high 30’s so I was able to get outside to rip the siding. The building is really coming along. By the weekend I should be able to trim the end boards and get the roof planking on. There will be a window at one end, a door on the front and a wider door at the sand pit end.

Great idea on this Todd!! Looking forward to seeing more progress!

Progress! Today the roof and fascia boards went on. I’m digging it. :grin:

The next step is to design the sand barrel and the crew is on site discussing the possibilities. Mik is there and trying to convince the boss that using a tin can and part of a funnel would make for a fine sand barrel. I like the idea and it is certainly not lost on anyone that last years challenge all began with a can so Hmmmm :thinking:

Tomorrow measurements will be taken on site to ensure the height of the barrel supports will be correct or at least close enough for this RR.

Wow Tod your really moving along, I like your can/funnel idea, for sure that is a MIK solution.


Over the past few days the battens were added. I used coffee stir craft sticks that were glued and pin nailed. I think they look great.

The funnel and tin can came together to make the sand tank? The shaft of a pen and its cap makes for a good spout. I tried heating it and bending but that wasn’t pretty so I cut the tip at an angle and glued it back on. There is a tiny nail that provides a pivot to the spout. I’m also adding a flexible tube because many of the sand houses used these as well as the spouts.
I also made a ladder using brad nails for the rungs.

This build is coming along nicely I think.

I have to start thinking about the roof, paint and stain.

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Nice work!

I’d go with shingles…but what do I know?

Why does my sand house look wimpy and yours looks like it would withstand a category 5 hurricane?

I really like what you are doing with this.