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The Old Freight Shed

OK, I will ask one more time. Are the pictures in the Old Freight Shed from the old forum going to be restored or are they lost forever? I have about 20 build threads that all pictures are missing from.

Just wanting to know

I have been posting updates in this thread

Restoring the Freight Sheds is a moving target that I continue to work through. Changing the site software was a giant undertaking, and I’m working through the problems as I solve them.


Rick, the old Freight-sheds had a header saying “Beware”, “Not Supported”, “Use at your own risk” and when Bob started the transition there was a discussion of the need to download copies of your photos if you didn’t want to lose them.

Bob has a lot on his plate, and as someone mentioned, it’s fairly easy to ‘edit’ your old threads (you still have access) and drag-and-drop a copy of the photo into the thread.